Why Do You Blog?

I have in my notebook a list of blog ideas, that I’m slowly working through.  One of those ideas is “Why Do You Blog?”

I have to admit that I initially started by copying my friend.  She started a blog, so I started a blog.  Since then though, her blog fell to the wayside (quite quickly actually), and mine continued.  and continued, and continued.  That was in November 2008.  7 years and 8 months ago.  1450 posts.  That’s quite a lot.  I haven’t been the most consistent.  There are lots of times that I settled on a schedule that eventually got forgotten.  There are lots of times that I went weeks or months without posting.

But why do I do it?  The biggest reason is because I love to type.  I love the sensation of my fingers flying across the keyboard, and the gentle pressure of the keys.  You may have noticed I’m a wee bit of a rambler too.  That’s probably inspired by the fun of typing.  But mostly I have a long and rambling train of thought.

I’d like to say I have a message I want to get out into the world, but that’s probably not true.  It’s more that I have thoughts that I want to get out of my head.  As a kid I kept diaries, and blogging is quite a bit like that for me.  I don’t have a readership of thousands, so as far as my brain is concerned these thoughts go out into the ether and float around endlessly.  I know that I do have one or two readers – maybe not regular ones, but readers nonetheless.  It’s always nice when I get a like or a comment.  It makes me feel a little more connected to the world.

My final reason for blogging is accountability.  You might have noticed that I set myself challenges.  For several years now I’ve set myself a Yearly Challenge or two (or multiple).  And I find that blogging about it means that I have someone keeping a watch to make sure I don’t cheat.

Of course, there are hundreds of little tiny reasons why I write each blog post, but those are the main ones I guess.

What about you?  Do you blog?  Why do you blog?  Do you read my blog?  Why do you keep coming back?

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Bucket List Bonanza Update

I just wanted to give you a little update on my Bucket List Bonanza yearly challenge.

Originally it was supposed to be 52 things, approximately one a week.  But that kinda went out the window.  A lot of the things I’ve chosen to do are ones that take a long time… like taking a photo of myself every day for a year, and reading a book for every letter of the alphabet.

So fairly early in the year I decided that I was just going to aim to cross off as many tems as I could.  I’ve already written blog posts about some of them.  I saw my sister reconcile with the family.  I made caramel.  I tried melting crayon art.  I completed my 1000 Lucky Stars project.

I have a couple more completed items that I’m going to blog about soon, as well as several that are underway.  Some reading challenges, some movie challenges, some artsy challenges.

I have been through the Bucket List and culled a few items.  I took off some things that I really wasn’t too fussed about any more.  For instance, I’m not really bothered about going on another pub crawl.  I don’t particularly was to learn piano anymore.  I took off a total of 19 items.

So, nice dent.  Apart from the fact that I’ve also been adding things.  It’s a fluid process.  I’ve decided to make 1000 origami cranes after all, and leave 50 “just smile” notes in random places, as well as try a new recipe every week for a year.  There are 6 new additions so far.

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WIP Busting Progress – June

I’ve finally managed to write an update before the end of the following month!

In June I added 7 projects, including some more mini aliens and a dragon egg.  I also crocheted around my headphones.. because I saw someone else do it and I thought it looked cool.

I also started making a blanket from some mini balls of yarn from a monthly subscription I started getting.  However, I realised that I already had a LOT of WIPs that weren’t going to get finished soon, so I frogged that.  The yarn is counted in the Stash Busting update coming up in a couple of days.

In the same I-have-too-many-huge-WIPs vein, I frogged a rug I started in March too.

I finished a WIP from May, having finally managed to get some more eyes.


I finished some of the original WIPs too – sort of.  There was a Hama Set of Disney Princesses, that I split up into separate projects.  And there were two pipecleaner projects that I actually finished up a few months ago but for some reason didn’t write about.

The same applies for an embroidery spiderweb.  I don’t know why I didn’t blog about it, cos I added a beaded spider I made and I’m actually quite chuffed with it.

# of wips at end of May – 27

# of original wips at end of May – 21/31

Wips added in June – 8

Wips completed in June – 13

# of wips at end of June – 22

# of original wips at end of June – 17/31

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WIP Busting Progress – March to May

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been a little lapse in giving you updates for some of my Yearly Challenges this year.  One of those challenges was to bust my list of WIPS.  Here is January’s update, and here is February’s update.

In March I started 9 new projects, including lots of stuffed toys.  I finished 7 of those new projects, as well as the 2 leftover new WIPs from February.  These included my first experiment with pompoms…

# of wips at end of February – 31

# of original wips at end of February – 27/31

Wips added in March – 9

Wips completed in March – 9

# of wips at end of March – 31

# of original wips at end of March – 27/31

In April I added 8 projects, all of which I completed so they don’t really count.  I finished off one of the new WIPs from March too, so I made progress in April.  Bunnies!!

PicMonkey Collage

Also in April I decided that some of my original WIPs were never going to get completed, or that they were irrelevant now, so I frogged six of them.  They are included in the completed total.

# of wips at end of March – 31

# of original wips at end of March – 27/31

Wips added in April – 8

Wips completed in April – 15

# of wips at end of April – 24

# of original wips at end of April – 21/31

In May I added 12 new projects and I only completed 9 of those.  I didn’t complete any original WIPs or any of the new ones added this year, so I actually fluffed up a little bit.

# of wips at end of April – 24

# of original wips at end of April – 21/31

Wips added in May – 12

Wips completed in May – 9

# of wips at end of May – 27

# of original wips at end of May – 21/31

As before, I promise I’ll try and post June’s progress before the end of July.

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Just a Small Bucket List Update

Hello.  A lot of the things on my Bucket List have to do with my family.  See my niece start school, spend the day with my sister doing whatever she’d like, send flowers to my mum for no reason etc.  One of the things that went on the list last year was to see my youngest sister come back to the family after we had quite a traumatic estrangement.

Things got very messed up just over a year ago and she didn’t speak to any of us for quite a long time.

I can check this thing off the list now.  She came back to us just before Christmas.  Things aren’t perfect, she has a lot of troubles.  We all do.  But for now she is with us again.

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Stash Busting Progress – March to May

At the start of the year I’d planned on doing an update on my Stash Busting Challenge every month.  And I managed to do an update for January, and one for February.  And then things went a little haywire.  I have been keeping track of everything, I just haven’t gotten around to writing about it.

In March I successfully added zero balls of yarn, which is great.  And I used six – making more mini aliens, some bunnies, some pompoms and lots of patches.

Starting stash # – 275

Stash # at the end of February – 259

# added to stash in March – 0

# of stash used in March – 6

Stash # at the end of March – 253

In April I decided I was going to frog quite a few of my WIPs – you can read about that in my WIP Busting Challenge update in a couple of days.  This added 16 balls to my stash – from the frogging, and from yarn that was meant for those projects so not included in my original stash count.

I used 12 balls though, so I made a fair dent.

Starting stash # – 275

Stash # at the end of March – 253

# added to stash in April – 16

# of stash used in April – 12

Stash # at the end of March – 257

Which brings us up to May.  I added zero balls of yarn again, and used 4 on various plushies.  So April and May kinda cancelled each other out.

Starting stash # – 275

Stash # at the end of April – 257

# added to stash in May – 0

# of stash used in May – 4

Stash # at the end of March – 253

I promise I’ll try and post June’s progress before the end of July.

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Caramel Success

One of the things I’ve always wanted to try was to make caramel.  In fact, it’s on my Bucket List.  And, inspired by my Bucket List Bonanza challenge this year, I finally got around to it.

First I found myself a recipe.  I used this one from CompletelyDelicious.com.  Annalise describes two methods: a wet method which uses sugar and water, and a dry method which just uses sugar.  I chose to go with the wet method and so began with a pan of sugar and water (please excuse my mucky cooker)…

And I set it to boil.  It took a hell of a lot of time, and the temptation to stir is very strong, but I managed…


Eventually I had that delicious bubbling brown caramel that you’re supposed to get.  Although looking back at the recipe page now, her caramel is a lot darker.

At this stage I had to decide what to do with it.  I splattered some on greaseproof paper, which was fun.  And also very dangerous.

And then I stirred some nuts and marshmallows into the pan.

When it was combined I spread it onto the greaseproof paper, which was not as easy as it sounds.  It is very gooey, and hot, and sticky.  It looked and smelled delicious, but was very very hot!

While I waited for it to set I chewed away at the warm and gooey caramel that was stuck to the wooden spoon.  VERY tasty.

Once it was solid I took to it with something blunt to shatter it into tasty tasty pieces.

That was fun.  And now I have a jar of tasty caramel shards.

Actually, I HAD a jar of tasty caramel shards.  I made that way back in January – I’ve only just gotten around to blogging about it.  The caramel lasts quite a while though.

Next up on the agenda is to try making a caramel sauce, as described by Annalise in the Completely Delicious recipe.  Hopefully it won’t take me five months to tell you about it.

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