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Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present my good friend Pierre the Penguin.

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I have not been well. I’m still having those sickness episodes. Last weekend on the way home from N’s I puked twice on the train, and nearly passed out on the way to the train station. This morning I puked … Continue reading

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Purple Dreams

I had a dream last night. Well, today. It was about N and for once it wasn’t a perverted dream. I dreamt we were living together and we had a house, and everything was purple. EVERYTHING. Purple leather sofa, purple … Continue reading

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One Day One Sentence Archive

Friday 20th February 2009 – feeling guilty for knitting in a bar at uni, rather than doing Brownies even though it was half-term and Brownies wasn’t even on. Saturday 21st February 2009 – a craft fair in Telford, plus 2 … Continue reading

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Purplocity Archive

Thursday, 19 March 2009 Birth of Purplocity While sat in bedroom, on my purple sheet, with my best friend dying my hair (purple) I was flipping through her knitting magazine. My eye is naturally drawn to a purple headed advert, … Continue reading

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Combining the Blogs

I currently have three blogs, but it’s getting confusing so I’m just gonna combine all three. I’m gonna post all the Purplocity blogs as an archive in one blog on here, and do the same with the One Day One … Continue reading

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New Thing # 13

Week 13: 23rd March 2009 – 29th March 2009 Date:- 29th March 2009 New Thing:- identify 100 things that make me happy My new thing for this week was meant to be tasting absinthe at a party last night, but … Continue reading

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