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New Thing # 22

Date:- July 31st 2009 New Thing:- buy something from Etsy. Etsy is a crafty version of Ebay. All the items are handmade. Ever since I found out about it I’ve been itching to buy something, but I’ve been carefully avoiding … Continue reading

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New Thing # 21

Date:- July 10th 2009 (sorry for the delay) New Thing:- own an iPod. I haven’t done a new thing in a while, so I’m just slipping this one in here. It’s quite cool, considering that my last new thing was … Continue reading

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Not counselling

Today I had the counselling appointment that my GP referred me for after I asked him oh so long ago. I talked about going to see him in this post. I don’t normally go to counselling appointments. I have on … Continue reading

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A Small Rant

I left home at sixteen, and have been living alone ever since. For a long time I was in a YWCA in Southampton, and I was in the YMCA in Stoke for 9 months. There were a zillion people in … Continue reading

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Yarn, a Civil War, N and Some Drugs

First up some knitting news. There’s this great site called Ravelry. This is not news, not to those of you who knit or crochet anyway. I recently joined Ravelry and was browsing through the swaps groups. I’d either just missed … Continue reading

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My Trip to London

Last Friday I went to London to get my Visa. Before I start telling you about my weird and wonderful day, let’s get the important bit out of the way. I WAS APPROVED! In fact, my Visa was delivered to … Continue reading

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A bit of cute video humor for you…

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The Most Pointless Blog Ever

I was browsing IMDB and came across some guy who was born on October 13, and because I’m very very sad I thought “ooo, my birthday is only 9 days after that”. So because, like I said, I’m very very … Continue reading

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iPod Gameboy

During my interweb surfing a while back I found this picture… I’ve seen loads like it. A Nintendo 64 phone case, and a floppy disk purse. I think they’re genius. And when my handsome N gave me an iPod Touch … Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentlemen…

I HAVE A VISA APPOINTMENT!!! I scanned my police certificate and accompanying form and emailed them off last Friday. I had an auto-reply email telling me that within five working days I’d receive an email telling me whether or not … Continue reading

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