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New Thing # 30

Date: September 26th 2009 New Thing: send a money message On the way to the Common Ground fair on Saturday, we stopped off for money, cos most of us were broke. One of my bills came out of the machine … Continue reading

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Common Ground Fair

On Saturday I joined Aimee, Kate, Jonny and Jaap… …for a two hour drive north to Unity, Maine for the Common Ground Fair. Which is this thing… The website describes it like this… The Fair allows fairgoers to make connections … Continue reading

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Crochet Critters part 2

Technically this is part 1, cos this is the first little guy I made…

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What Am I?

I’m planning a big embroidery project, like a brainstorm of What I Am. I’m gonna redo it in 40 years to see what’s changed. Here’s what I have so far, and I’m looking for more suggestions. WHAT AM I? writer, … Continue reading

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Crochet Critters part 1

I’ve talked about my troubles with crochet and I thought I’d show you a nice picture of my second creation. The first one is still awaiting some eyes.

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Things I Have Learned About Maine, part 1

1) Cars are not cars. They are caahhhs. Bars are baaahhhs, and so forth. Most of the students at USM are from Maine, but very few have a Mainish accent. There are one or two though, especially the custodian for … Continue reading

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New Thing # 29

Date: September 19th 2009 New Thing: go apple picking When I was a little girl I thought that Heaven was a great big library with a huge comfy armchair and a barrel of ever-fresh apples. So when I was offered … Continue reading

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