New Thing # 30

Date: September 26th 2009
New Thing: send a money message

On the way to the Common Ground fair on Saturday, we stopped off for money, cos most of us were broke. One of my bills came out of the machine looking like this…

Not being able to remember the Spanish I learned in high school, I got Aimee to translate. It’s basically a guy from one of the Carolinas who felt like writing his name on his money. But it gave me an idea. Kind of like the balloon message I did way back here, I wrote my email address on this $1 bill.

I can’t remember now where I spent it, but it got spent. Maybe one day I’ll get an email.

About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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