New Thing: Challenge # 20

Challenge 20 – Write “20 Things I like about you” letters to five friends.

This was insanely difficult. Aside from having trouble even picking 5 friends, I had trouble pinpoint what I like about them. I love them. Completely. And I would do anything for any one of them. But sitting down and writing a list of pinpointed reasons why I like them is practically impossible. By the end of the week I only had more than 10 for one of them, so I failed the challenge. But I kept at it, and even now, 4 weeks later, I still don’t have any completed lists.


1) The way you refuse to admit your eyes are grey.
2) Those happy little jigs you do.
3) Your knee-popping kisses.
4) The fact that I can never go thirsty around you because you’re forever getting me drinks.
5) Your luscious northern accent. (“Hair” = “her”)
6) The tiny dimple under your chin where your stubble doesn’t grow.
7) The way you patiently lead me through the low levels of your computer games.
8) That you chase away my nightmares just by being near me.
9) Your sleepy, no glasses first-thing-in-the-morning look.
10) That angry, possessive look you get in special situations.
11) How comfortably I fit in your nook.
12) Your picky eating habits.
13) That I can’t look at a bar of Cadbury’s without smiling.
14) That you’re my proof in love at first sight.
15) That I can see myself with you for the rest of my life with no doubts.
16) That you’re my own personal IT support.
17) That you let stress and my tantrums wash over you so easily.


1) Your passion
2) The talent you have for channelling long past decades
3) Your giggle (for short times)
4) How deliciously soft your lips are
5) How open-minded you can be
6) The fact that you taught me to knit
7) The way we bicker like an old married couple
8) Our simple, comfortable silences
9) Quiche
10) Your baking talent
11) Your dress sense
12) The way it feels when you’re straightening my hair or doing my make up
13) That even when you’re angry at me, you still take care of me
14) Our unfailing ability to end up on the A34
15) That even though our friendship looks lopsided and disturbing to everyone, we have our own way of balancing out
16) That we can have rough patches, but still come through them


1) Your honesty and openness. You don’t keep anything hidden.
2) You understand my depression.
3) Our shared OCD.
4) Boxes. Really useful boxes.
5) You get as addicted to new crafts as I do.
6) You’re my only cross-stitching friend.
7) We can sit and stitch the night away without realising it.
8) You make me feel normal.
9) Two Southerners against the north.
10) Your complete craziness.
11) You brought me Guylian.
12) You completely share my passion for pens and stationary – more than anyone else.


1) Your passion for purple
2) You still call me Colly-Wobbles
3) Your persistence
4) You’re a complete and utter looney
5) Your style and dress sense
6) Your sense of humour
7) That all my earliest/oldest memories have you in them
8) That if you can help, you will
9) That you continue to defend certain family members, even after everything they’ve done
10) That you’re letting me bring two guests to your wedding for support, and that you understand why I need the support
11) Monty Python quoting sessions
12) Lee Evans quoting sessions
13) That we can spend hours giggling over lolcats more than anyone else


1) Sprogget and Eggface
2) That you love me exactly as I am
3) That you see nothing wrong with ending up like me
4) That you will defend me to anyone
5) That you’re happy to do pretty much anything as long as you’re with someone
6) Your adorable cuteness that hasn’t faded
7) That you look so much like me
8) Your passion for dogs
9) That we’re so close. Did you know that when I found out Mummy was pregnant with you, I was scared you’d never recognise me?
10) Your passion for books
11) Your Scouting heart

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About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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