New Thing: Challenge # 33

Challenge 33 – Watch 26 movies that you’ve never seen before, one for each letter of the alphabet (2 weeks)

Here are the movies I chose and got hold of…

A) Amelie

This was kind of sweet. I liked the love story between Amelie and her geeky nerdy man.

B) Bloodsuckers

Second rate vampire movie. Not as good as it could have been.

C) City of God

Interesting, but nothing something I’d probably have chosen to watch if I wasn’t also trying to complete the IMDB 250.

D) DeVour

A Jensen Ackles movie that I watched because it was a Jensen Ackles movie. It was a little weird, but it had Jensen Ackles in it 😀

E) Exam

Brilliant British indie film. Bit of an odd one, vaguely disturbing with the paper cuts on the eyeball, but it was good.

F) Free Willy 4

It’s another Free Willy movie. It’s about as good as the other three. But it has a big cute orca whale in it.

G) Grapes of Wrath

Story about a family during the Great Depression. Good movie, but made me feel horrible about the big bowl I was eating at the time.

H) Hot Tub Time Machine

I figured this was a cheap budget crappy movie, but it was actually pretty good. I really enjoyed it.

I) Infestation

This one was obviously not that good, because I can’t remember it. Lol. Oh, giant bugs taking over the world. Wouldn’t bother really.

J) Judgment at Nuremberg.

Another good but depressing one. It’s about the Nuremberg Trials after the Holocaust.

K) Kick-Ass

Hilarius. I do love a good superhero movie, and I love Nic Cage movies, and I love gruesome deaths.

L) Legion

Kinda dull, but I adored the black, chokered angel look.

M) Metropolis

I think was probably the oldest one of the lot. It was a little weird, but it was good. It was also my first ever silent movie.

N) Nanny McPhee II

Kids movie. Cute, vaguely funny, not exactly a masterpiece.

O) Old Dogs

Cute, vaguely funny, not exactly a masterpiece – but it has Robin Williams, John Travolta and Seth Green in it.

P) Pan’s Labyrinth

Never got around to this one.

Q) Quantum Apocalypse

Meteor crashed into Mars, cue lots of disasters until some autistic mathematician saves the day. Kinda crappy actually. I chose it because I like global disaster movies, but there was too much of the planning and not enough of the disaster.

R) Requiem for a Dream

Drugs, psychos, etc. Little odd.

S) Shutter Island

Crazy crazy movie. With a nice obvious plot twist at the end. It’s Sixth Sense but with Leo DiCaprio instead of Bruce Willis.

T) Ten Inch Hero

Rom-com, with Jensen Ackles as a punk rocker. Brilliant.

U) Unforgiven

Vaguely interesting cowboys-take-on-cowboys movie.

V) Valkrie

Story about a plot to kill Hitler. Pretty dull.

W) Wolfman

Not as interesting as it could have been.

X) Xanadu

I never got around to this one.

Y) Yojimbo

I didn’t get around to this one either.

Z) Zoolander

I’ve always avoided this one, but it was on the IMDB 250 so I gave it a go. Was actually kinda funny, but not enough to watch again.

I managed to watch 23 of them. I got distracted yesterday by “Diets That Time Forgot” on 4OD, which was 6 50 minute episodes. If I hadn’t watched that, I’d probably have completed this challenge. But oh well.

Current saved total: £65
Current donated total: £100

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