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Itchy Feet Syndrome

I inherited Itchy Feet Syndrome from my mother. She moved around a lot. I honestly can’t work out how many times she moved between leaving dad and having Michaela. Since Michaela was born she’s stuck in Basingstoke though. I inherited … Continue reading

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Food Fridays

Last weekend I did quite a lot of cooking. I made copious amounts of a delicious Frank and Bean Chowder, to freeze for future meals. I made one batch, and liked it so much I brought the ingredients to make … Continue reading

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New Thing: Challenge # 47

Challenge 47 – Embroider on card I’ve been running out of ideas for challenges, so I asked Cayden to suggest one. He went with his latest crafting craze, which is transferring a picture to cardboard via pinholes, and then sewing … Continue reading

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Minor Triumphs

I’ve been feeling really proud of myself for what I’ve acheived this week. I had a moment of thinking that I shouldn’t be proud, because it’s all things that normal people do without even thinking about it. But I’m not … Continue reading

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Stitching Sundays

I’ve had Cayden stay over for the weekend – since I have a sofa now, we don’t have to worry about him catching the last bus – and we crafted up a storm as usual. I made a felt plushie … Continue reading

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Not good

Ok, so as if I didn’t have enough problems with sleep… I have a bladder infection. Whilst out doing errands yesterday, in six hours I used eight different public toilets, and missed three buses because I couldn’t hold it long … Continue reading

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New Thing: Challenge 46

Challenge 46 – live diurnally for 2 weeks My body naturally leans towards nocturnal living. No matter how long I’ve been awake, or how rested I am, I am ALWAYS much happier, more alert and active during the night time. … Continue reading

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