So, that was 2010…

It’s over. Well, not quite. Technically there’s still six hours left of it for me, but I honestly can’t see me moving off the sofa for it. I’ve had a really exhausting day. It’ll be a miracle if I even make it to midnight.

Anyway, last year I had a lot of plans for 2010. If you don’t wanna read that post, I’m about to list the highlights, and how I did.

Be better with money

Ummmmm. Well, in spring I had a major breakdown money-wise. There was a Brownies thing, and a rent thing, and then there was a selling the Wii and tv thing, and it was a big depressing mess. A few months later I handed my finances over to my mum and asked for help. She called everyone I owe money to, and all my bills and things, and arranged for me to pay them. Now I have lots of standing orders going out on payday. It’s been a little tough having hardly any money. I mean, I have enough. After all the bills, and gas and electric, I usually have £20-30 ish to play with, and to get food (per fortnight). That’s not bad. But considering when I didn’t pay any bills I had £200ish to play with, it’s a bit of a drop. I’m getting used to it. As far as the resolution goes, I’m actually doing it. When I asked mum for help, the original plan was to hand control of my internet banking over to her or my sister, so I couldn’t delete or change the standing orders. But there was a delay in some of the bills and things, and I never got around to it. But I’ve been paying the bills, not fiddling with the standing orders. Which for me is a huge improvement. I’ve paid off one debt already. By the end of 2011, I should only have one or two huge ones left.

Start saving

Not so good. I have difficulty saving anyway, and then with the money issues this year it’s been impossible. With Project 200, I’ll be saving via Cayden or Jen, and maybe I can give them some extra money too.

Pay damn bills

See above comment about money

Classes and courses and groups

In that post last year I listed a hundred different classes and courses and interest groups I was going to go to. I never got to any of them. I haven’t had money to go anywhere other than on pay day really, and I’ve settled back into my old routine of not leaving the house. But I don’t mind. I don’t have anywhere to go, and I have plenty to keep me busy. It’s not like I lounge on the couch watching tv all day. I do a lot.

Lose weight

I did go back to Weightwatchers. I went at the end of April and discovered that I very nearly hit that 30 stone threshold, but not quite. It was a shock, so I made an effort. I couldn’t afford to go every week, but I went roughly once a fortnight. I lost a total of 18 lbs by the start of September, but then I had the big money decrease and haven’t been able to afford it. I plan to go back in the New Year now I have a tiny bit of extra money.


Nope. Never happened. I’d still like it to, but I’m highly doubtful it’ll happen this year.

More writing

I have been doing some writing, but not nearly as much as I used to, or as I’d like to be doing. On my daily checklist, I have down to either do some math from a GCSE book I’m working through, or to do some writing. Trouble is, I’ve been counting blogging as doing writing. I’ll change that.

Weekly photography missions

These never happened either. Although I do still like the idea. I may try it again this year. Perhaps not 50 pictures a week. I’ll do 10 a week; much more manageable.

New incarnation of 52 New Things

I did this one! I completed 52 challenges. Well, I documented them all, I didn’t necessarily complete them all. I’m quite proud of myself for that, and for last year. I don’t normally manage to maintain a project, let alone one that lasts a year, and I’ve managed to keep these up for two years now. The new incarnation for 2011 is Project 200.


I did this! I moved on January 16th, and I love my flat. It gets a little lonely, but I have my Smudge….

…and I’d much rather be lonely occasionally than be in shared accomodation again. I love not having to compromise with anyone.

Keep my depression at a handleable level

Now this one is debateable. I’ve had a LOT less episodes than years past, but I’ve also been finding that my depression has been manifesting differently, so I’m not entirely sure. I haven’t been suicidal quite as often, and I haven’t self-harmed very much. But my dermotillomania is off the charts, and all my energy and oomph has a tendency to just vanish and leave me staring at the wall for hours at a time.

Stay with Neil

It has been a VERY rough year. Especially for Neil, with the loss of his brother, and a full year of episoding. His episode finally subsided a month or two ago, and his grief over Paul kicked in. He’s had it hard. And relationship-wise it’s been hard on me, because I’ve only seen him a few times. The last time was the end of July. But we’re still together. I still love him with all my heart, and I’m still planning to stay with him through whatever life throws at us.

Be happy

I wouldn’t say I’m 100% happy. There is still a lot in my life that I’d change if I could, and some stuff that I can change and that I’m trying my hardest to. But I can say that I’m content.

There’s been developments that I didn’t consider last year. It’s been a year of pets. I haven’t been too successful with them. When I moved, mum gave me a kitten. Tippi. Who turned out to be a boy, so he was Alfred Hitchcock, aka Alfie.

And then I got a rabbit to go with him. Sir Reginald Fortescue, aka Reggie.

But then Alfie escaped while I was down at Mum’s one weekend, and I couldn’t find him. And then my landlady decided she didn’t want me to have a rabbit, so we took Reggie to the rehoming centre at PetsMart. So I was petless, which was not good. Then I got Pixel.

She was found by someone as a stray, with lots of little kittens. They took her in, but couldn’t keep her, so I had her. Then I got Smudge, who is quite possibly the cutest cat I’ve ever had.

But Pixel tried to eat Smudge. Pixel really didn’t enjoy being an indoors cat at all. She was always loud and restless and trying to escape, so I rehomed her with someone who could let her be an outdoor cat. Now I just have Smudge, but hopefully that’s changing soon – there’s a plan for kittens.

And the baking. I’ve developed a fascination with baking. No idea what triggered it, it just happened. Now I’m obsessed with it. The muffins! I’ve made six batches of muffins since I’ve been down here at Mum’s. I made sausage and cheese ones Christmas day, and chilli and sweetcorn ones. Then I made gingerbread muffins. The gingerbread ones were so good one of mum’s friends requested her own batch, so I made more of those. And yesterday I made more sausage and cheese ones because we had sausagemeat left. Today I made banana and walnut ones which were also delicious. But that’s it! No more muffins til next year! Mind you, we went to Hobbycraft yesterday and I got cookie cutters, so I might make cookies next.

It’s been a long and hard year. I hope 2011 is better, for everyone. Best wishes from me and Smudge.

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A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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