32 days

So guess what? It’s nearly Christmas!! And I’m a little bit excited about it. This is nothing new. I’ve always loved Christmas. I tend to start getting excited about it in July. But I’ve seen the three signs of the Apocal… three signs of Christmas:

1) The Coca-Cola Christmas Advert
2) Children in Need has been on
3) I’ve received my first Christmas card

So I can officially start celebrating. And I’m not using Christmas to desperate cling to in order to distract myself from the chaos my life is in at the moment. Honest.

Okay, well maybe a little bit. But why shouldn’t I? I’m am holding back though. Or trying to.

I brought myself a new Christmas tree, and it’s already up. But mostly to see if it constructed okay, and to see how the cats dealt with it. Smudge was around last Christmas, but we were at Mum’s and she was more interested in the dog than the Christmas tree. Lexie – the awkward/annoying/adventurous one – has never seen a Christmas tree. I was expecting her to climb it instantly, but so far she’s completely ignored it. And Smudge just chews the bottom branches. I put the lights on a day or two okay, to see how they coped with that. Still nothing. I’m vaguely disappointed. Half the fun of Christmas and pets is stopping them climbing the tree. Maybe when I put the tinsel on this weekend they’ll show more interest. But I’m not properly decorating the place until December 1st.

I’ve made myself an Advent calendar. (I LOVE FELT)

It’s got chocolate coins in. They’ve been in there for nearly a week now without me attacking them. Of course, it’s not December yet. That’ll be the true test of my willpower. Can I make it to Christmas day without devouring all the chocolates? Probably not. I don’t think I’ve done that since I was about 13. I think the furthest I’ve gotten would be the 10th or so. I will make it to the 24th this year. I will! Maybe.

I have Christmas day all planned out. I’m alone this year. Well, just me and the cats. The only other time I’ve ever spent Chrismtas alone was way back in 2004. My first Christmas in Stoke; just me and Gadget. Microwave dinner. Boredom. Misery. Binging. Distress. Suicidal-ness. But I LOVE Christmas! And since I appear to be turning into a crazy-cat-lady-spinster who’ll be alone for the rest of her life, I need to learn to cope with Christmas alone. So I have all kinds of plans. Including a full roast dinner 🙂 Mum’s sending me up a whole turkey. Me and the cats will have turkey sandwiches ’til New Year. Turkey sandwiches, and turkey chowder, and turkey curry. I’ve got some delicious recipes for parmesan roast potatoes, and cranberry stuffing. And plans for all the trimmings. I’ll be watching all the holiday shows, and Christmas movies, and making gingerbread muffins. I’m even getting my stocking. Mum’s decided I’m too old now, but I’ve convinced Cayden to make me one 🙂 (I am making him one in return). And presents!

One of my worries about spending Christmas alone was not having any presents to open. So I brought myself a couple of things, and wrapped them and gave them to Cayden. And I’m participating in a load of swaps on Ravelry. I’ve not opened any of the packages I’ve received since my birthday. They’re all for Christmas day. Two of the swaps were Advent swaps – they contain 24 mini gifts each. When I received one of the packages, I messaged on the forum thread to say that I’d received it and to explain why I wouldn’t be opening it just yet. I had over a dozen Ravellers demand my address so they could send me presents. I’d been having a bad day, and when I read those messages I almost burst into tears. Yet again, I’m utterly overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of Ravellers.

Even the cats have some presents under the tree. Or they will do by Christmas day. I can’t put them under now, because a certain little fluffypants will rip into them before Christmas. I have a teeny tiny santa hat for them too. It’ll be interesting to see if I can get any decent pictures of them wearing it.

So, Christmas is all set. It will be fun, and enjoyable. Even if I have to kill someone to do it.

I kinda want to rant a little about the bad stuff that’s going on in my life, but I don’t want to spoil the Christmas post. I’ll write all that crap later.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Jolly Kwanza!

Merry Hannukah!

Happy Christmakah!

Etc etc etc.


About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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2 Responses to 32 days

  1. Anonymous says:

    I too am very keen on xmas. I'm still working on the Fall into Winter swap but you will definitely have it before the 14th!

  2. AireyLynn says:

    I am very happy to have sent you presents to put under your tree! I got your card today as well! Have a very merry Christmas and I'll think of you open the things I sent you on Christmas day 🙂 -Amanda (Airey09)

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