Some More Fantabulous Things

717) Requests for patterns

718) When friends get their dreams

719) American pancakes

720) British pancakes

721) Belgian waffles

722) Potato waffles

723) M&Ms

724) Peanut M&Ms

725) Crunchy M&Ms

726) When friends return from holiday

727) When friends return from holiday with gifts

728) Peeling the plastic off a new piece of tech

729) Removing your bra after a really long day

730) Eric Northamn

731) Sam Merlotte

732) Anyone who beats up Bill Compton

733) Jason Stackhouse

734) Adam Richman

735) The Travel Channel

736) A good sneeze

737) Peeling the glue off the back of a storecard/giftcard

738) Dipping your hands into uncooked rice

739) The smell of freshly ironed clothes

740) Pajamas fresh out of the dryer in winter

741) Winning an ebay auction

742) Taking off your socks with your toes last thing before you fall asleep

743) Free food samples

744) Sleeping with your pet

745) That “rumbly tumbly” you get going over a bump in the road

746) Movies in empty theatres

747) Walking into a place with AC on a hot day

748) Winning your appeal

749) Warm cookies

750) Celebrating with friends

751) Mum cuddles

752) Bulk yarn presents

753) Egg mayo sandwiches

754) Egg mayo sandwiches with sweet chilli

755) Winning a disagreement with your landlord

756) Family holidays

757) Getting to pee after a really long wait

758) Listening to good music really loud

759) The cold side of the pillow

760) The sound of popcorn popping

761) Being “Hufflepuff of the Day”

762) Fun post

763) Creating puzzles

764) Correcting spelling mistakes


About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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