Travel Blog Archive: Amsterdam: Part One 25/9/12

I’ve been planning a blog about Amsterdam for a while. Ever since I made the decision to go. When I booked my coach tickets a few weeks ago I actually sat down and drafted a blog post. I just never got around to actually posting it. Since I wrote that draft, I’ve changed my mind several times about the type of trip I’m going to have, and the things I’m going to do while I’m out there. So much so, that I need to write a whole different blog. I will, however, write the original blog for you here. Just for the information’s sake:

Amsterdam is in North Holland:


Which is in the Netherlands, which is here:

And it’s a beautiful city. And I don’t just mean the landscapes…


I personally absolutely adore the way the centre of the city is laid out.


It has something technical to do with the canals and the old access routes and things, but I don’t think I found that interesting enough to remember. I just know that it’s pretty.

Interesting fact: Amsterdam Stock Exchange is the oldest one in the world.

Bet you’re glad you know that now, aren’t you? How about something a little more interesting?

Amsterdam is famous for its cannabis coffee shops and its red light district. Tourists from all over the world go there to legally smoke the ganja and to look at pretty ladies like these:


Look at, and other things. Which is kind of all you can do now if you’re that type of tourist. Recent legislation means that only residents of Amsterdam can go into the coffee shops and get the weed. Half of the place is pleased – they think they won’t get all the nasty tourists who cause trouble. The other half is in uproar – imagine how much they’ll lose in revenue.

But I’m not going for the sex or the weed, although I will be taking a stroll through the red light district, just to be nosy. I’m going for all kinds of reasons. And Amsterdam is famous for many, many other things too. Clogs!












And, for all you history buffs, it’s where Anne Frank hid for so long from the Nazis. In fact, that house is one of Amsterdam’s most popular museums. One of its many, many, many, MANY museums. It has more museums than any other city in the world. To list just a few of them:

– Architecture
– Amsterdam Dungeon
– Diamonds
– Photography
– Florescent art
– Canals
– Erotic
– Cats
– Hash/weed/hemp
– Windmills
– Jewish
– Cheese
– Trams
– Biblical
– Fashion
– Bakery
– Olympics
– Dutch press
– Optical art
– Pianola
– Rembrant
– Chess
– Maritime
– Science centre
– Pipes
– Spectacles
– Tattoos
– Bags and purses
– Coffee and tea
– The tropics
– Torture
– Medieval torture
– Tulips
– Madame Tussauds
– Watches and clocks
– Van Gogh
– Photography
– Houseboats
– Dutch resistance
– Anatomic embryological
– Clogs
– Funerals

There are at least a dozen there that I’d love to visit, but I’m only going there for two days this time. I’ll let you know how many I fit in, and whether or not I decide to go back.

It seems like a hugely interesting city. Did you know that it was built on piles? Huge stakes driven into the ground. The main station, Centraal Station is built on over 6000 of the them. And while we’re on the topic of numbers… here are some more.

There are 165 canals, 1281 bridges, 2500 houseboats and 302 statues & sculptures. There are over a million bicycles, for just 700,000 residents. And the airport is 4 metres below sea level. Not that I’m going to the airport, but it’s a pretty cool fact nonetheless.

I’m definitely looking forward to going. The next blog will have more specifics about my trip, and my plans, and an absolutely fantastic Groupon voucher that I found.


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