Travel Blog Archive: It Begins 25/10/12

So on Monday I turned THIRTY. Which is pretty epic, but not what you lot care about. My birthday on Monday means that yesterday (Wednesday) was the start of my birthday travels. And considering you lot have been reading my travel blog for months with no actual travel, I think it’s about flipping time.

First stop was Manchester. I was staying in this bleak looking place…



Not fancy, but it was fine. The room was small and basic, but clean and comfortable. And it had a nice big comfy double bed. Which, considering I’ve been living on a sofa bed for three months and will be for the foreseeable future, was pretty much luxurious. The solitude was fantastic too. Calm, undisguised, quiet. The view could have been worse as well…


And just a wee bit of trivia… I wasn’t staying with The Chemical Brothers…


I was staying with The Verve…


I’m not in Manchester long – less than 24 hours actually – but I rode a couple of the free shuttle buses around for a bit to enjoy the scenery, and I have been here before. And my main purpose for this trip was to see a show.

Last night I went to see this guy…


Michael McIntyre! I was gonna embed a video of one of my favourite routines of his, but this free Internet isn’t great. Do yourself a favour and watch the Five Spice routine on YouTube.

So yes, show. After I’d settled in to the hotel and spent an hour stretched on the bed trying to convince myself not to fall asleep (I won), I headed over the road to the Manchester Evening News Arena to pick up my ticket and to do some people watching before the show.

There were ten minutes there that I’ll just pretend didn’t happen. I didn’t fall down the stairs outside the box office. I didn’t bump into the scalper who was trying to ask me if I had any spare tickets. I didn’t drop the milkshake I brought in McDonald’s. I didn’t cut my thigh open on a McDonald’s table. And I didn’t drop my straw under a flipping train.

I did however enjoy a tasty strawberry milkshake and a nice comfy sofa in the Metro Bar under this skylight…


And then the show! First of all, I had flipping amazing seats. Third row, right in the centre. That’s pretty amazing anywhere, but this place is HUGE.


The show was hilarious. As expected. I left with ribs and face hurting, and tears of laughter running down my face. Well, by the time I made my way through this mad rush for the exit the laughter tears had dried up…


But my ribs still ache a little bit even now.



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