Travel Blog Archive: More About East Sussex 3/8/12

I promised you more information about this holiday I’m going on in October and here it is.  Sorry it’s taken a while to write it, I moved!  I don’t want to clutter up this blog with personal stuff, but if you want to read about it I have another blog.

Right, to business.  On Monday October 29th 2012 myself, my mother and my teenage sister will be driving from Basingstoke, Hampshire…
…to Hastings, East Sussex.

The drive will only be an hour or two but once we’re safely ensconced in our caravan we’ll be within a few minutes drive of three big seaside towns, where there will be lots for us to do and enjoy.
Hastings is a big name for history buffs.  Site of the famous Battle of Hastings In 1066 during the Norman Conquest of England.  I’m not too fussed by history thought, so I’m going to gloss over that.  It’s not a big town… Just 11.5 square miles, but it’s home to lots of famous names.  John Logie Baird, Jo Brand, Catherine Cookson, Aleister Crowley, Spike Milligan and Alan Turing, to name just a few.
There is a beach, and a pier of course, which is owned by a company called Ravenclaw, as well as a double decker promenade.  Multiple museums, including a fisherman’s museum.  And naturally there’s a Norman castle.
This one used to host an international Birdman competition from its pier.  There are astounding cliffs, and the beachfront is lined with original Victorian hotels.
Interesting fact – during World War 2, Eastbourne was the most bombed town in England because bombers returning from raids in London and Coventry would drop their leftovers on it.  However, Hitler ordered that The Grand Hotel was not to be bombed, because he wanted to holiday there after conquering Britain.
I think the fact that’ll grab the most attention is that Brighton has a nudist beach – not that I intend to go there.  They also have a Brighton wheel.
They host the 2nd largest arts festival in the UK in May, which includes a Fringe Festival.  Brighton also has a lot of famous residents and ex residents: Richard Attenborough, Peter Andre, Cate Blanchett, Raymond Briggs, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Winston Churchill, Simon Cowell, Rudyard Kipling, Vivian Leigh and Dusty Springfield.  I think there’s a name for every interest there!
According to recent surveys, Brighton is one of the UK’s Happiest Cities, and its Coolest City.  It is also home to the world’s oldest aquarium, and most of Europe refers to it as the Gay Capital of Britain.

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