Travel Blog Archive: The Trip 18/5/12

In a few months I turn 30 and in the process of evaluating what I’ve done with my life, I’ve decided I want to travel more.  Lots more.  And specifically, I want to travel to the US.  Two trips in 30 years is not nearly enough.

So who to travel with?

That’s simple.  No one.  When you don’t have a particularly large friendship base, and when the friends that you do have aren’t very affluent, then you learn to travel alone.

Next step… research.

One thing you should know about me is my ever-so-mild obsessive tendencies.  When I have an idea I tend to research and explore and plan and list and investigate and make lots and lots of notes.  This time was no different, and during my research I made an incredible discovery.

There are a LOT of solo female travellers out there.  Lots.  There are lots of solo traveller websites: – How-to’s, articles, destination guides, a budget calculator, advice for older travellers and a section of funny anecdotes. – A whole section for people on their first solo trip, links for late deals and offers as well as the usual destination guides, tips and articles.

Lots of female traveller websites: – A simple layout providing tips and articles with a comprehensive range of categories from hygiene to discrimination to transport. – This is my favourite site. It’s indepth, it’s personal, it’s funny.  Journeywoman publishes tips, articles, advice, newsletters, reviews and guides as well as articles by other travel bloggers.

And lots of solo female traveller websites: – A pretty purple and black site with a range of articles from sets of things you should know about your destination to reviews of the oddest restaurants on earth. – Run by two Filipina sisters who call themselves The Gypsy Gals, this cute and informative site provides stories, city guides, tips and articles.

There’s a real market out there.  Not just websites, but books.  Like this one…

“Kitten Heels in Kathmandu” by Mary Bartnikowski – The subtitle for this book is “the adventures of a female vagabond” and it’s written by a woman who sold all of her belongings in order to travel the world.

…and this one…

“A Woman Alone” by Faith Conlon – A collection of 30 stories from female travellers.  Described as “funny, thrilling, occasionally terrifying, ultimately transformative stories.”

…and this one…

“High Heels and a Head Torch” – by Chelsea Duke – An essential guide for girls who backpack.  Tips, DOs and DON’Ts, advice and anecdotes.

I’ve spent weeks reading and noting, and reading and making lists, and reading and rewriting those lists…  And that’s when it happened.

I’m going to write a book!  I’m going to go to America and I’m going to write a book about it!  A travel book, aimed at solo female travellers.

Of course, I can’t write a book until I’ve finished my trip, so in the meantime there’s a blog.  Which you have successfully located.

Watch this space for updates on my plans, my preparation, my fundraising… and of course for posts, photos and all sorts of information from the trip (when it finally happens)!

(Is it just me, or does everyone seem to have a different way of spelling travellers?)


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