Amsterdam: The Rest

So I made it home okay. Obviously 😛 I didn’t blog yesterday because I was busy sleeping and attempting to recover. Apparently I’m not as fit as I thought. When I plan my next trip I might perhaps just do one city at a time. So what did I do on my last day? Not a lot, but at the same time so very much. I never made it to any of the millions of museums they have there. I never made it to the red light district. I never took any of the free ferrys to the outskirts of Amsterdam. I didn’t go shopping in the Nine Little Streets area I was so looking forward to. But I don’t regret it. I plan on going back at some point, with lots more money. And I did get a lot done. I rode the trams around mostly. A brilliant way of touring the city without paying for the expensive official ones. I went to a beautiful bead shop, where everything was in jars on the shelves in rainbow order. I could have spent all day and a million euros in there. Definitely going back there next time. I went to a cafe at the top of one of the shopping centres, that had a 360 degree view of Amsterdam. Not the highest point in town, but a good view nonetheless. And a delicious posh cup of hot chocolate with a special cookie.

I went to a FEBO, which is a fast food joint, with food in little vending machines.  Hot foods.  And I had a kroket.  A rundvleeskroket, which is beef.  I wasn’t expecting it to be so creamy inside, but it was really yummy.

The hotel was a good choice I think.  I ended up at a place that advertised itself as a Christian Hostel, mostly because everywhere else advertised themselves as party hostels.  I wanted somewhere I’d be able to sleep.

Shelter Jordan was lovely though.  Nice and close to a tram stop, clean (if small), and everyone was very friendly and nice.  And they didn’t try and shove their religion down my throat, either.  There were bible groups advertised, and a church outing advertised, and they gave me a leaflet when I checked in.  It’s a good place, I’ll almost definitely be staying there next time I go.  Although I might remember next time to request a bottom bunk.

And then there were the drugs.  Yes, I tried the drugs.  I’m not a druggie, and I don’t smoke.  But I have had a space cake once upon a time, so I decided I’d have one in Amsterdam.  It didn’t do anything 😦  Maybe next time I’ll have two.

I went armed with a Groupon for all-you-can-eat ribs at a place called Five Bells.  It was lovely!  A little pub with a seating area.  Neon signs, disco balls, zebra print booths, class rock, toilets lit with blue light and hardly any customers.  The ribs were goooooodddd too.  I think I ate about 30 or 40.  Tasty tasty ribs.

The ferry back was a little terrifying after my traumatic experience on the way out, but it wasn’t too bad.  I’d discussed seasickness with Cayden and we decided it had to do with inner ear balance, so I made sure that I was sitting down before the boat started moving.  It was a lot easier.  I felt a little dizzy, but not nearly so sick.  When it was almost time to disembark I got up and managed a little wander around the shops without weaving around all over the place, so it was definitely a lot smoother.  Not so afraid of ferries anymore, although next time I’ll be taking some travel sickness medications.

I’m just heading off with my family for the second holiday of my birthday trip, but I’ll leave with some more things I’ve learned:

– It’s actually “plein” that means square, not “splein” like I wrote before.

– The flush buttons in Europe are weird – like big square tiles that you press.

– I get “aren’t you cold” from people all over, not just Britain (I have a tendency to not wear jumpers/coats)

– Amsterdam is beautiful.

– I saw a kid with Chinese eyes and ginger hair, and he was stunning.

– They have strange shops names out there: Hobo Hifi, anyone?  Sissy Boy?  Sandwich – the clothes store?

– I found three different bagpipers, in Amsterdam.  Weird.

– Nothing opens til at least 10am.

– I can walk a lot farther than normal in Amsterdam, because it’s all flat.

– There are a lot of canals.  Duh.

– It’s easy to people watch, but not so easy to people eavesdrop out there.

– There is a store that advertises itself as the only Russian Souvenir Shop in Holland.

– Monsterkoffers is a fantastic name for a shop.


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