2012 Fantabulous Things – The End

I can’t face all the numbering, so you’ll just have to trust me that here is numbers 1663 – 2012

smashing old crockery
feedback on writing
parties on the last class of term
humming christmas songs
spotting the first house with christmas decorations up
wrapping christmas presents
smule magic piano
watching whole seasons of a show in one go
making a skirt in an evening
advent calendars
multiple advent calendars
advent calendar apps
clay jam
NORAD santa tracker
fart piano
burp piano
christmas radio stations
finally getting the email you’ve been waiting for
park catalogue
studio catalogue
waiter service at bingo
subscriber gifts
being asked where you got your skirt and being able to say you made it
reading porn in public
when you ex comes crawling back
nac mac feegles
nanny ogg
mistress weatherwax
sam vimes
carrot ironfundersson
making paperchains
bingo dabbers
the librarian
the luggage
enjoying your job
getting better at your job
multi-tabbed notebooks
spending a whole day on your favourite hobby
chocolate eclairs
learning new skills
short speeches
removing sleepy dust
walking barefoot
flat rate shipping boxes
the smell of play doh
warm fresh bread
christmas cookies
laughing so hard you stop making noise
when the baby’s diaper isn’t as bad you were expecting
letting go of the petrol pump at the exact right moment
when the traffic lights turn green as you approach
giant cuddly toys
placing the last piece of the puzzle
the final seconds of untangling a really big knot
shoving handfuls of popcorn in your mouth really fast and spilling it everywhere
when you sneeze and a stranger says bless you
saying bless you when a stranger sneezes
rubbing someone’s newly shaved head
looking at how much dirt came off something you just cleaned
bagels and philly
changing the channel during a commercial break and flipping back just as the show’s coming back on
emptying your computer’s recycle bin
when little babies let out adult size burps
waking up to the smell of sizzling bacon
jumping as many stairs as possible
wearing what you just brought out of the store
sitting in the back seat of a packed car when the driver takes a turn really fast
finding the perfect patch of grass to sit on at the park
sucking your stomach in right before the picture is taken
being comfortable enough with someone to fart around them
making someone laugh when they have a mouth full
a really long hug when you need it
listening to your favourite song over and over
being able to recognise constellations in outer space
screaming instructions at character in movies
when the person scratching your back find that one really itchy spot
when someone holds the elevator door for you
turning off all the lights during a thunderstorm
when you glance at your phone and have a ton of messages
when your boss leaves early
old school sugar cereals
wordless apologies
plugging in your device just before the battery gives out
the sound of tiny rocks going up in to the hoover
walking faster than cars sitting in traffic
giving people what they want
fitting everything in the dishwasher
productive days
running for the bus and catching it
fixing your wedgie without being spotted
when your roommate goes away for a weekend
stomping dry crunchy leaves
when the plane suddenly speeds up on the runway
when you get to your seat just as the previews start
peeling that thin plastic film off new electronics
when someone compliments your new haircut
when the phone rings and it was someone you were just thinking about
when your christmas spirit kicks in
the first hour of a roadtrip
using indoor furniture outside
hilarious last minute halloween costumes
the sound of steak hitting a hot grill
whipping down a hill really fast after pedalling hard all the way up
carrying in all the groceries from the car in one trip
air guitar
when the hiccups stop
finding something you lost a long time ago after you already gave up looking for it
the moment you wake up from a nightmare
peeling your socks off with your toes
really short people
really tall people
the sound of fresh snow crunching under your feet
plugging in last year’s christmas lights and they all work
finding hidden compartments in things you already own
christmas hugs
setting the new high score on a video game
staring ahead at a brand new year
driving really late at night when the roads are empty
when the windshield wipes match the beat of the song
drawing on steamy windows with your fingers
taking your ponytail out
wearing a new sweatshirt that hasn’t been washed yet
figuring out the plot twist before they reveal it
eating the ice cream stuck to the lid of the tub
correctly guessing an actor voicing a cartoon character
learning a new keyboard shortcut
when a little baby gives you a hug before it leaves
mum’s love
unforgettable friends
watching cream go into coffee
letting the waves bury your feet at the beach
when you fold a piece of paper and it fits in the envelope perfecly
staying in your Pjs all day
elementary school science fairs
that seperate compartment in your stomach for desserts
wrong coloured foods
junk drawers
when you open a book to the exact page you were looking for
laughing so hard you start to cry
catching food in your mouth
when you find out your new place has a really good shower
finally peeing after holding it in forever
when your pet notices you’re in a bad mood and comes to see you
when a baby falls asleep on you
the clicking sound of anything winding up
hanging out with your mum
christmas shopping
helping a friend with their christmas shopping
helping a friend shop for your own christmas gift
a slowly growing collection of christmas cards on the wall
finding a really good board game in a charity shop for a few quid
dropping your phone, then realising it’s fine
riding on someone’s shoulders when you were a kid
when you’re late but the person you’re meeting is later
fully justifying whatever thing you’re eating
when you should’ve got a parking ticket but didn’t
when someone saves you a seat
do nothing days
licking all the flavour from your fingers
hearing a song that reminds you of someone you love
biting off the last piece of the posicle without losing any
when the social event you didn’t want to go to gets cancelled
finishing your last exam
guilty pleasure songs
the moment of anticipation just before a first kiss
when a work friend becomes a real friend
the sound of a cork popping
being the only person on a beach
being so tired that everything becomes funny
being so tired that you’re wide awake again
moments of supreme cleverness
driving over a small hill in your car
looking up while underwater
when the subway doors stop right in front of you
food porn
yarn porn
being next
really happy dogs
being paid to do chores even when you’re a grown up
facing a massive life change and not being afraid as you once would have been
when the hold music is actually good
the first time you get to ride in the front seat
catching the ice cream truck
double spacing your essay
the moon
hearing someone’s heartbeat
little kids showing you their muscles
the wind
not being able to afford a night out with friends, then remembering it’s already paid for
wearing your boyfriend’s sweater
when construction sites get christmas lights
putting a santa hat on your pet
getting the perfect ratio of ketchup to fries
the smell of a library
christmas trees made of books
the sound of a train coming into the station
staring into a fire
finally pulling out an ingrown hair
hot chocolate and christmas movies
candy canes in hot chocolate
making a baby laugh
finally finding the start of a roll of tape
sending yourself emails to do stuff
putting garbage in other garbage
baby to baby love
exitable puppies
flying over mountains
searching for rainbows when it’s sunny and rainy at the same time
burps that taste good
the noises you make eating a juicy peach
completing the first project of a new hobby or skill
getting tiny chores done before the microwave dings
finishing a really big chore
when the meeting ends early
sitting on the warm spot where your pet was just sleeping
finding out your grandad ran away and joined the circus when he was young
one word ingredient lists
discovering you get free internet here
the moment when all the lights dim at the cinema
playing music so loud you lose yourself in it
little kids on bikes
using your pen as a stirrer
babies in halloween costumes
animals in halloween costumes
finding your name on some tacky souvnir in a gift shop
correctly spelling that word you always spell wrong
pinky swears
ripping your present open like a wild animal
when everything is fully charged
foods that no one can eat gracefully
games you made up when you were a kid
intergenerational friends
a good turn out on your birthday
the far corners of your mind
admiring a full moon
“knowing” someone gamous
when your natural gait fits the tiles of the floor perfectly
puppy breath
the lethalness of kitten farts
when cars around you change lanes at the same time – car ballet
animals sleeping under the christmas tree
listening to the imperial march whilst walking in public
finding money you didn’t know you had
bright orange fingers after eating wotsits
listening to people’s life stories
christmas parties
when the other direction on the motorway is backed up
being inside the car during a carwash
watching things download really fast
finishing a really good, long book
being licked on the ear by a puppy
cherry tomatoes
drive in cinemas
getting 100% in anything
wind (as in gas)
running your hands through your hair after getting it cut short
pop rocks
when three of your favourite songs come on the radio in a row
new socks
school supply shopping
school supply shopping you don’t need
finally clearing a debt
the stationary aisle in a supermarket
old lady jewellery in jumble sales
house with secret doors or rooms
digging out an old yearbook
double rainbows
hot nerd chicks
the smell of fresh cut wood
being first in line
the smell of a campfire
getting your wages and its more than you thought
sitting by just the lights of the christmas tree
sunlight patterns on the floor
dancing in heavy rain
sour candy
catching the bus just as you get to the stop
exact change
miracle berries
the fight song on star trek
the first time you’re tall enough for a fairground ride
deja vu
proper silence
finishing a book and knowing there’s a sequel
finishing a book and having the sequel right there
toasted marshmallows
mini donuts
christmas morning
front row parking
finally getting the water out of your ears after swimming
microwave popcorn
scratch and sniff
when you finally get the words to the fast part of the song right
solving the wheel of fortune puzzle with only one or two letters
the smell of frying garlic
swimming in the rain
tickle fights
seeing someone run into a glass door
seeing someone pulled over
your first time on a plane
deleting hundreds of spam emails at once
solving a puzzle
incense granules
incense wax
finding your niche in the world
handmade gifts
making a room full of people laugh
no line at airport security
being able to juggle
winning a game
when the cd booklet has lyrics and you can sing along
sharing memories
blowing a dandelion
jumping in puddles
cool, old looking cars
meeting people from television in real life
remembering your dreams midday
finishing a crossword without cheating
waking up where you didn’t fall asleep
movie marathons
pound/dollar stores
really really bad movies
loose change jars
losing The Game
making someone else lose The Game
introducing someone to The Game
colouring in
picking dried crusty glue off the bottle
sex dreams
the smell of a blown out candle
remembering you have something delicious and quick in the fridge

About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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