2012 Fantabulous Things – The Bonus

Because it’s very very cool to have more than 2012 things that are fantabulous, and because I probably had a few duplicates in there, here are some more!!

when the pins and needles go away
bubble wrap
getting compliments when you feel terrible
peeling dried pva glue off your skin
glass mugs
mood rings
getting your back scratched
watching people open the gift you got them
getting flowers
flipping a pancake properly
blind typing
picking off a scab
rubberband guns
when “standard shipping 5-7 business days” arrives in 2 days
sunlight on swimming pools
kissing in the rain
the smell of crayons
artistic graffiti
correcting spelling/grammar in bad graffiti
rearranging furniture when someone else is doin the heavy lifting
toys in cereal boxes
photobooth pictures
spending other people’s money
channel surfing and finding something good
reading other people’s “awesome lists”
the sound of driving on gravel
elaborate handshakes
secret handshakes
stapling a finished essay together
first kisses
horse riding
looking for shapes in the clouds
when a movie’s title is said in the movie
smell of the spice cabinet
holding hands
having someone to hold hands with
looking at old pictures
firefox add ons
life without debts
using that “doodad” from the “odds and ends” drawer
sandwich toasters
snow angels
happy tears
puppy ears
kitten ears
paying it forward
the feeling you get after venting to someone
when your ears pop
rabbit noses
rabbit ears
rabbit thumps
rabbit hops
exact word counts on essays
when girls wear a messenger bag with the strap between their boobs
cat tails
when the screensaver that bounces around the screen hits the corner perfectly
accidental rhyming
knocking down dominoes
winning a conteset
the perfect setting on a toaster
making a braid when your hair’s still wet so it’ll be curly when it dries
receiving postcards
the great wall of china
the great barrier reef
winning a bet
shiny clean coins in change
the floor is lava game
going really high on the swings
buying something and it rings up cheaper than it should be
popping balloons
“that’s what she said”
dirty jokes
when you meet your ex’s new partner and they’re less attractive than you
pictures on coffee/cocoa
shooting stars
tattoo ideas
getting a tattoo
the chocolate at the bottom of a cornetto
stopping a fan with your finger
when you have the same birthday as someone famous
spelling “boobies” on a calculator
when someone lands on your street in monopoly
crossing things off your bucket list
getting the big end of a christmas cracker
remembering what you forgot you were going to say
standing under a street light the moment it turns on
waking up in the morning and actually wanting to go to work
watching ice melt
people that laugh a lot
stephen fry’s qi experiments
when you do what you thought you couldn’t do
getting a yahtzee when playing yahtzee
getting the 50pt bonus for using all your letters in scrabble
the smell of talcum powder
blowing the paper off a straw
finally getting over him
ginally getting to eat the food you’ve been craving all day
glow sticks
opening your passport to see what the stamp looks like right after it gets stamped
the feeling you get when you give money to charity
getting the right sized allen key the first time
exploding soda cans
picking things up with your toes
tearing a perforated page out perfectly

About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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