I haven’t had the greatest week. About an hour after falling asleep on Monday night my neighbour started hammering on the front door. She’d found one of my cats at the end of her garden and it seemed distressed. So I slipped on some shoes and took a wander. Lexie…


was in a bush at the end of the garden and started crying when she saw me, but she didn’t get up. I wrapped her up in a towel and brought her in to the dining room. Unwrapping the towel was a bit upsetting. She was covered in mud and blood, although the blood was watered down from the weather and we couldn’t exactly tell how much was there. She tried to stand up and her back legs looked even worse, then she collapsed. We assumed something wrong with her legs, and we called the out of hours vet. They had me check her gums and told me she was pale and we should bring her in. So off we went – with a quick call to a friend for some money because the vet demanded the consultation fee up front. The vet turned her on her side and we realised that the problem wasn’t with her legs. The best way I can think of to describe it is that she looked like she was violated by a tree. Her entire area back there was torn open and I saw waayyy too far into my baby. She had a severely fractured tail.

The out of hours vet kept her for a few hours, on a drip to bring her temperature up, but at eight o’clock we had to collect her and move her to our vet. Who had a look and said that they’d need to knock her out to have a proper look and that she was too weak to do that at the moment. They kept her and said they’d keep in touch.

I asked both vets if she’d be okay… neither made a commitment.

At 11.40am the vet called me to let me know that Lexie was stable enough for a general anesthetic, and that they’d let me know what happened. At 11.50am the vet called back. Lexie was shredded on the inside, and the wound went right up to her hips. They didn’t look any further. That was enough. They had to put her down.


I was numb for most of that day. I’m coping better, but still not well. I’ve never had a pet die before. For a while we thought someone had kicked her, and I was angry at every single person I saw. But the vet is almost certain it was a fox or a badger. We live in a pretty built up area so we ruled out badgers. I now hate foxes.

I had my issues with Lexie – before we moved down here she was constantly peeing on my bed and driving me bananas – but she was my baby. My fluffy Lexie-pants.


She was a little shy at first. She’d go scurrying into a corner when anyone knew would come around, but once she’d gotten used to you she was friendly and cuddly and cute and fluffy and absolutely beautiful.


I’m always going to miss her, and I can think of several people who wanted to steal her whenever they met her. I know they’ll miss her too. I know that she was in a tremendous amount of pain, and that putting her down was the best thing for her, but death is never easy to deal with, and I’m incredibly sad at the moment. I love my little fluff ball.







About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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