The Yarn Challenge

So as you know, every year for the past few years I’ve been doing a big yearly challenge.  I did a year of mini challenges every week, I did a year where I tried a new thing every week, I did 200 crafting projects in 2 years.  Among others.  I have lots of ideas for yearly challenges.  I’m going to get a little box with the ideas all written in so that I can pick one at random every December.

Last year I ended up doing three challenges, so this year I decided to settle with just one.  A whole year without buying any yarn!  For you crafters out there, you can appreciate how devastatingly evil that kind of challenge is.

I didn’t make it.  I lasted approximately two weeks, until my friend Cayden took me into his local yarn store.

The store is wonderful.  From the outside it looks like a teeny tiny store, no bigger than someone’s living room.  But there’s a door at the back, which leads to another teeny tiny store, which leads to another teeny tiny store.  It’s so cute!  And naturally, there was a yarn room.  It was this room that led to my downfall.

Most yarn stores will display examples of products that can be made from the yarn, and hanging on the wall in this teeny tiny yarn room was the cardigan from this picture.


I had to have the yarn!  I adore rainbows, and this stuff is self-striping!  I located the yarn in the room but they didn’t have that colourway 😦  They did have this one though…


So yeah.. my challenge to not buy yarn for a week didn’t last.  But then, did any of you really think I could do it?


About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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