Ghost of Christmas Past

Recently I’ve been sorting through the boxes of my stuff that are still packed up from when I moved.  And when I got to my vast collection of Christmas bits and pieces, I found what I thought was an undelivered Christmas card.  Except that on the front of the envelope were the words:  For Colette, Christmas Day 2012.

Christmas Day 2012 would be last year.  I didn’t find the envelope because I moved, and didn’t use my Christmas stuff.  So, despite it being the middle of May 2013, I ripped it open.  Here’s what the card said…

2011.  Dear You.  It’s 10am on your first proper Christmas alone.  Your turkey is in the oven and you are munching on freshly baked sausage and cheese muffins.

It hasn’t been the greatest of years.  You and Neil broke up, but you’re still besotted.  Your depression has fluctuated.  Your family fell apart and at the moment your financial future is uncertain.

But I want you to remember that it will get better.  Things always get better.  It doesn’t feel like it, but this isn’t all there is.  In the past few days you’ve made a wonderful new friend.  You are beginning to reconnect with a lost old friend.  You’re finally behaving with all your bills and debts.  You’re starting to get a proper routine.  You’re back at Brownies.  Your ankle is under better pain management.  In a few days your very own craft store opens – and you already have 2 custom orders.

So, even though you feel like crap, things aren’t as bad as they seem and they WILL get better.  You just have to keep holding on.

Now go and rescue the Christmas tree from Lexie.

Love, Colette xxx

It was kinda emotional to read.  I definitely choked up a little at that last bit.  Lexie enjoyed the Christmas tree in 2012, but she won’t get to enjoy any more, which was a little depressing.  But the spirit of the letter was there.  Things may not be great, but they’ll get better.  And they did.

2012 wasn’t brilliant.  I spent nearly a month in hospital, and one of my friend moved 200 miles away.  My sister went into care.

But things have improved dramatically!  I don’t need to elaborate on all that, because I’ve done it before, but if I was to write a letter to myself to read in a year’s time, it wouldn’t have the things-may-not-be-great-but-they’ll-get-better theme.  It would have a you’re-doing-amazingly-and-things-will-get-even-better theme 🙂

About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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