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Yesterday I had some friends over for board games.  I made a crock pot of bbq pulled pork, and my friends brought cake (it was one friend’s birthday) and sausage rolls, and we played games for approximately 8 hours.  My … Continue reading

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Six Word Stories

Six word stories are not as easy as they sound. Yes, there really is a section of flash fiction that contains only six words.  The example that everyone gives when explaining six word stories is this one: “For sale: Baby … Continue reading

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52 Weeks of Baking – Week 20

Week 20 was bite-sized.  So I made these little cheese and bacon puff thingies.  They were a little bigger than bite-sized, but they were tasty, which is the important thing.

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I’ve been doing three hundred times better down here in Basingstoke than I was in Newcastle.  I’m happy with my life, and where I am in it, and what I’m doing.  But sometimes I still struggle.  Instead of having episodes … Continue reading

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This is Jasper

He’s a right little pain in the butt.  He creeps up on the other animals to pounce on them, and causes multitudes of different commotions in the house. But he’s my Little Man.  And he loves his cuddles.  He’s very … Continue reading

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This is Smudge

When I first got Smudge, I’d had three names picked out for her.  I can’t remember what they are now though.  But as soon as that little bundle of white fluff crawled out of the cat carrier and looked at … Continue reading

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Bucket List 2.0

A week or so ago, I was reading some short stories and I came across one that seriously changed my attitude towards my bucket list.  A young woman was diagnosed with inoperable cancer.  She was given only a few months … Continue reading

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This is Josie

Josie was my Nan’s dog.  When my Nan had to go into sheltered housing a few years ago, she would only go if a family member looked after the dog, so my mum took her in.  Josie was over a … Continue reading

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This is Gracie

She’s my mum’s dog, and she’s approximately 6 or 7 years old believe.  She’s Jack Russell, and something else I can never remember.  Maybe Yorkshire Terrier.   She’s a big hyperactive ball of fluff.  When mum goes out without her, … Continue reading

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