This is Gracie

2013-04-21 16.42.23

She’s my mum’s dog, and she’s approximately 6 or 7 years old believe.  She’s Jack Russell, and something else I can never remember.  Maybe Yorkshire Terrier.

alert gracie


She’s a big hyperactive ball of fluff.  When mum goes out without her, she runs around like a lunatic, zooming between the back door and through the house to this green sofa, where she can sit on the arm and look out the window and keep an eye on the back gate, in case mum decides to come right back.

Gracie is also a bit of a farter.  A lot of a farter actually.  Recently, she put her front paws on the edge of the sofa, and did that little yoga stretch thing dogs do, and the movement made her fart.  She looked so surprised!  She was looking left and right, trying to figure out where that came from!  It made me giggle a bit.

She makes me giggle all the time.  Every day she’ll have a bit of a scatty moment and run from the end of the hallway by the front door, up to as far into the living room as she can get, and back and back and back.  Except that the hallway has no carpet and she goes skidding each time into the downstairs toilet door.  It’s funny to watch, and I’ve recently discovered that it’s funny to be in the toilet when she does it, too.  The whole door shudders.  Like someone is trying to kick it in.


We have another little game.  She’ll sit at the top of stairs when Mum is in her office up there.  If I stand at the bottom of the stairs and say hello to her, she runs away into the office.  But a second later she’ll come nosing out of the office to see if I’m still there.  I say hello, and off she goes again.  We can do that for a good twenty minutes, with me giggling like a loon the entire time.


When Gracie wants cuddles, she has no qualms in letting you know.  If she can’t climb directly on to you, and she does this little squatting bounce thing to let you know she’s planning on jumping up, she’ll paw at you until you clear the path.  Then she bounces, and all of a sudden she’s up in your arms.  And as soon as she’s there, she wriggles and maneuvers her way around so that she’s cradled in your arms like a baby.  Belly on display so you can rub it.


She’s a little tart, is our Gracie.  She’ll take cuddles from absolutely anyone, especially if they rub her belly.

And here endeth the post about Gracie.


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A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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