This is Josie

2012-08-29 23.15.47

Josie was my Nan’s dog.  When my Nan had to go into sheltered housing a few years ago, she would only go if a family member looked after the dog, so my mum took her in.  Josie was over a hundred years old in dog years.

2012-08-30 08.13.55

A few weeks ago we found out that Josie’s kidneys were failing, and the vet recommended putting her to sleep.  Now she’s reunited with my nan who died earlier this year.  Nobody was very surprised.  For a long time, Josie was deaf, blind, arthritic.  She’s had three teeth for as long as I’ve known her.  Which actually made for some very cute pictures, as her tongue was nearly always hanging out of the side of her mouth, especially when she was asleep.

2013-03-24 00.58.52

Josie was part chihuahua, part corgi.  My nan used to insist she was purebred chihuahua, but when you looked at her from behind she’s definitely corgi.  Look at that fluffy butt.

2012-10-09 13.40.21


Josie may have been very old, and she may have spent 23.5 hours a day asleep on my bed, but she had her moments.  Always at dinner time, and once or twice a week otherwise, she’d get bouncy.  Hopping up and down, and just generally looking and acting like a puppy.  When she did that, you couldn’t have guessed how old or sick she was.




2012-11-09 21.46.29


Like Gracie, Josie was a bit of a tart, and would love having her belly rubbed.  She especially liked our family friend Michael.  Whenever he came over she would climb all over him!  When you picked Josie up to give her cuddles, she’d use both her paws to brush her ears from back to front, which was just about the cutest thing in the world ever.  It almost made me forget the number of times she peed on me, or my bed, or the hallway where I’d not see it on the way to the toilet.


Photo 31-08-2012 10 29 34

Josie may have been incontinent, she may have slept all day, she may have smelled.  But she was still our dog.  She was cute, and fluffy, and warm.  And now she’s gone, and we’re sad.  But we’re glad that she and nanny are reunited again.


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A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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One Response to This is Josie

  1. Awe. Miss Josie did know you were helping her through an important time. I just know it. I am constantly amazed by the things they seem to know.

    And thanks for the waterworks. I’m all blubbery now. 😥

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