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Feeling Wonderful

This is my 800th post!  How pretty cool is that? And what’s even more cool is that this is a happy post.  About being happy! Right now I’m sat at the dining room table, and despite a major heatwave recently, … Continue reading

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Adorable YouTube Video

So I had to share this.  How cute?!  

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More Movie Blogging: Sharknado

Following hot on the heels of yesterday’s movie spectacular “Sharktopus”, now I’m watching the newly released “Sharknado”.  Are you ready? There’s a shady trade of some type going on, something to do with sharks, but I’m not entirely sure what … Continue reading

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You gotta love the Sci-fi channel.  I refuse to call them SyFy, but they do have some excellent movies.  Later today I’ll be watching the recently released Sharknado, but first up Sharktopus.  Here are my comments, as I watch: 4 … Continue reading

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Missing My Blog

When I started this blog, I gradually stopped writing in my journal.  In fact, I can’t remember what my last journal looked like.  I’ve just felt that there are very few things I can’t write about here.  And those few … Continue reading

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As some of you know, I write flash fiction.  I like fitting a whole story into less than 500 words.  It gives me a thrill, and a challenge.  It isn’t half as easy as it sounds. There’s a sub-genre of … Continue reading

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