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Remember a brief post I wrote about yarnbombing, way back in February?  Well, recently I had a chance to be involved in some. A group here in Basingstoke started collecting blanket squares so that they could coat the market square … Continue reading

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A while ago I got a new kitten.  Henry. Henry loved the toys and running around like a lunatic.  He loved cuddles and snuggling.  I woke up many mornings to him pouncing on my face.  He hadn’t figured out yet … Continue reading

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Get to Know a Depressive

In my many adventures online I’ve found one or two sites that can be impossible to escape from.  Like YouTube.  That “Suggestions” bar down the side is evil.  Another site that’s like a big spider web is  They have … Continue reading

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Epic Dinner Party

I see a lot of great pictures on Facebook that I tend to save to show people later.  Like this one: And this one: And one more: And one day last week (or possibly last month) I found this one, … Continue reading

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Fat vs Beautiful

Personally, I quite love the way I look, but I get a lot of people telling me that I need to change.  To those people:

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Miracle Fruit

If you read my earlier post about my bucket list, you would have seen that #10 on the list is “Miracle Fruit”. This is something I first heard about on an episode of CSI ages and ages ago.  Someone was … Continue reading

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Working on the Bucket List

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while will know that my original bucket list was huge!  It had over 100 items on it.  Some of which I’d completed – get a tattoo, go to New York, … Continue reading

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