10 Days of Blog – Day 1

I have this file on my computer of ideas for things to blog about, in an effort to post more often.  To begin with, we have 10 days of blogs.

Day 1: 10 Things You Want To Do This Year

There isn’t much of this year left, admittedly, but for what’s left this is pretty easy to answer.

1) To get lots of work this month so I’ll have lots of money to spend in Vegas.

2) To not have issues getting to Vegas.  Last night I had six separate nightmares about it.  My passport expired, I left all my money at home, I got to the airport a day late, I broke a leg the day before, I forgot to pack, and the plane was hijacked by terrorists.  I tend to worry a bit.

3) For my Vegas trip to go smoothly – with no horrible headache days and no depressive episode days.

4) For my work hours generally to pick up, and/or to find a second part time job.

5) To go on at least one semi-successful date.

6) To get through the year without another pet death or injury.

7) For the stupid dentists to sort themselves out and extract this damn tooth.

8) To maintain my goal of not buying any more games this year (I really did spend far far too much money at The Cast are Dice).  I have two exceptions to this rule though: if there are any games I like in America that are only available in America, and if I find something on my wishlist for a very stupid amount of money.

9) To (after my trip) maybe clear off a debt or two.

10) To finish at least one short story.


About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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