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A while ago I saw this post on Twitter:


To put it bluntly, I’m nosy.  So of course I had to google it and find out what was going on.

Apparently our esteemed Mr Fry had publicly admitted to attempting an overdose.  This struck a chord with me in many many ways.  I’ve known for a while that Stephen Fry suffers from various mental issues.  He is the patron or chairman or something of one of my favourite charities: MIND who deal with mental health issues.

It also struck a chord in that I have a history of overdoses and other suicide attempts myself.  When I read about someone who means something to me experiencing such issues, I become concerned and interested.  Then I found the article about which Alistair Campbell’s tweet refers.

The article itself is utterly innocuous.  It’s the comments.

There is a discussion in there about how depression isn’t a disease.  The guy’s reasoning is that it’s not a disease because there’s no test for it.  Which is rubbish.  He’s completely uninformed, but he represents a wide section of the population of the world that don’t think of depression as being a disease.  And as someone who suffers from it, I find that incredibly insensitive.

There were a lot of comments like this.  About how Stephen Fry was just performing a publicity stunt, and so on.

Personally, I find his admission to be inspirational.  Knowing that successful, funny, intelligent, talented people like he are out there suffering from the same things I do… it makes me feel less alone.


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