Vegas: the day off

The original plan for today was lunch at Top of the World in the Stratosphere, a bit of bus riding, then off to Tournament of Kings (a Medieval Times type thing) in the evening. After screwing my ankle, I needed to take a day off. Whether or not the ankle was a sprain or just a twist, it was painful to walk on which meant I needed to be off it.

Luckily, Top of The World was a voucher which doesn’t expire, and Tournament of Kings was MyVegas points. I don’t think I can get those back, because I booked/redeemed. But there was no money lost. So I’ve spent the day in bed, watching repeats of Castle and Bones on the tv.

I struggled a bit with depression. When I woke up my ankle was worse than last night. I couldn’t stand on it at all and it was taking me half hour to get to the bathroom. I was worried about the rest of my trip, most specifically about my birthday. I travel partly to avoid depressing birthdays, I really did not want to bedridden thousands of miles from home. I was worried I’d really damaged my ankle again, and concerned that I might have to see a doctor. I was just generally worried and stressed and angry with myself for being so klutzy in the first place.

But I spent a good part of the day talking to one of my best friends from home on Facebook and he helped a lot. He helped me figure out a plan, and a way to still get to Seaworld for my birthday even if I have to get a wheelchair.

But by mid afternoon I had a better range of movement in my foot, and I was able to put a bit of weight on it. Things were looking a bit better.

I went through my timetable for the rest of the week and pared the trip right down. I’m still going to enjoy myself, but by doing a lot less and staying off the ankle as much as possible. Having taken a lot of activities out, I can also afford a taxi or two when there’s too long a walk involved.

As for my knee… It’s started to scab over, and is not looking pretty. But it’s not as sore as it was. Sometimes it can be quite stiff, but it’s okay. Not sure if it’s more graze or bruise though.


And speaking of bruises, I’ve found about a dozen of them I hadn’t noticed before. Mostly small, but a nice big one on my thigh, and another big one on my butt. I really fell hard. But at least I fell away from the giant hole in the ground and the 4000ft drop.


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