Vegas: Seaworld

I woke up on the morning of my birthday feeling kinda crappy. Tired. I’d had a horrible night of sleep, waking up a dozen times, bad dreams when I was asleep, and eventually dragging myself out of bed an hour earlier than planned.

Crossing the street to the bus I got stopped by some cops who wanted to know why I was wandering the streets alone at 6am. The hostel was in that bad an area that girls out so early are obviously hookers and not just going to work or for a day trip.

At the Greyhound station I finally found somewhere that did hot chocolate, and it was over sweet. Passengers were dumping bags in a queue by the door and wandering off, and since I had no bag to dump I had to stand alone in a queue of bags for 45 so I could get a good seat.

By “good seat” I mean something near the front so I don’t have to squeeze dibs the aisle and bump into people and piss them off. I did manage to get such a seat, temporarily. At the first rest break I got off to use the bathroom and some skinny bitch stole my seat. Being me, I didn’t confront her. I moved to her seat. Right at the back of the freaking bus.

The bus was also running late, eating into my limited time at Seaworld. I wasn’t scheduled to get there til twelve and autumn times meant it would be closing at five. Not to mention my Penguin Experience booked for 1.45pm. Which already had me stressed cos it ended at the same time as the Shamu (the orca) show started, on the very opposite side of the park. I really REALLY wanted to see it, but I’d paid for the penguin thing, so I was stressing.

By the time we hit San Diego I was very tired and very grumpy. My ankle was really hurting, my knee was hurting, I was really homesick and quite lonely, and pissed at myself for putting so much expectation into my birthday again. Oh, and then on the tram there was a real mushy lovey dovey couple on the seat in front of me. It was her birthday as well, and he fricking proposed. Pleased for them but it did NOT help my mood.

Finish it off with a mile walk from the bus stop to the park entrance thanks to a new attraction they’re building, and the first thing I do when I get into Seaworld is sit on a bench and cry. It just wouldn’t be my birthday if I didn’t have a strop and cry.

And watch the creepy giant polar bear.

Then I did what all intelligent people do even depressed, and I went shopping.




I didn’t have time to do as much as I wanted at Seaworld… The place is huge! But I definitely saw some wonderful things. Beginning with the Wild Arctic exhibit. After a “helicopter ride” to the main base we saw a walrus, who was absolutely huge and gorgeous but impossible to take pictures of!


There were beautiful, ghostlike beluga whales – also difficult to photograph.


The polar bears were nesting, but I managed to get a picture from both sides as the back of one of the dens was glass. Like a giant kitty cat.



And then it was time for the penguin encounter. This was a tour you had to pay a bit more for. There were thirteen of us, led by a lovely lady. We went through the general exhibit first.


And then the special bit began. We went back to the area where they do all the science bits, and met a penguin!

This is 153. They have over 300 penguins in various species, and can’t really name them all. But we got to meet 153 and very narrowly miss getting projectile pooped on! And we got to touch her. She didn’t feel at all like you’d think. I always looked at penguins and thought of a wetsuit, but they’re so soft and furry.





Next was in the habitat! We got to stand in a little corner of their habitat and feel how cold it was and look at the penguins close up.




And although they don’t generally name the penguins, there was one called King Tut who came right on over and started posing!




It was a pretty incredible experience!

After lunch (a GIANT turkey leg), I slowly ambled over to dolphin point. Here trainers are working with them all the time for people to watch, and every so often they’ll get the dolphins to swim round the edge so that people can touch them. It was so weird! But wonderful.








My final viewing of the day was the orcas. I may have missed Shamu’s show, but there were trainers working with him and his buddies and I got a very good look at them, and some more photographs.






The day may have started roughly, but I had a brilliant time at Seaworld. I touched a penguin! And a dolphin! It was a brilliant birthday 🙂


About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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  1. Neptune's Firefly says:

    Oh myyy goodness they are so cute & fluffy I could die! Glad you had a good time eventually 🙂

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