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Faith in the Internet

Weeks and weeks ago I saw this on Twitter: Naturally, being a bit of a soft touch, I retweeted to all of my 78 followers.  Then totally forgot about it. Then a few days on Tumblr I saw a picture … Continue reading

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For those of you who actually read this blog – and sometimes I wonder if anyone does – you might be wondering if I went out to that writers club thingy last night. Not so much. Something happened, something small … Continue reading

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Fear vs Desire

I struggle quite often with loneliness.  I love my own company, and I’m happy enough to keep myself entertained.  But sometimes I crave human companionship – more than you can get online. On the other hand, groups of people intimidate … Continue reading

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Being a Grown Up

Sometimes it sucks. As an adult, you have the time and means to do what YOU want to do.  Just about.  But as an adult, you have to realise that there are many other things you SHOULD do.  Which sucks. … Continue reading

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100 Zentangle Challenges – 6 & 7

Here are two more.  First up, “use your overlapped initials as your string”: I dithered over whether or not to give the string a thicker outline like in some of my pieces, but in the end (as you can see) … Continue reading

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100 Zentangle Challenges – 5

Here’s another one.  This time the challenge was to use stripes as your string, which fit in nicely because I wanted to do a tangle with all the long tangles I have.  And I used the first page in my … Continue reading

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Six Word Story Series

This time the theme was “happy”, which is a wee bit vague, but I had a go: All my dreams have come true. I have everything I ever wanted. I die wearing nothing but smiles. My smile is genuine.  For … Continue reading

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