So that was 2013…

Normally I do this post at the end of the year in question, but as previously mentioned I’ve fallen a bit behind with my blog.  But here it is nonetheless:

2013 was a year of death and new experiences.  A good year, but a most sad one.

It started with the death of my fluffy-pants Lexie in January.  She got attacked by a fox, and unfortunately the wounds were two great and she was put down.  It was horrible.  I’d never had a pet die before, and it really shook me.  It shook Jasper and Smudge too.  They weren’t quite right for several months afterwards.

And the death didn’t stop there.  In March my grandmother died.  She’d been ill for a really long time, and she’s better off where she is now, but again it shook me.  We go to visit her grave occasionally, and it shakes me every time.  Graveyards are disturbing places.

Shortly afterwards Josie died.  Josie was Nanny’s dog.  When nanny moved into assisted living accommodation she couldn’t keep Josie, so mum took her in.  Josie was very very old.  Incontinent, toothless, and smelly.  But we loved her and I miss her.  I try to think that she’s happier being back with Nanny.

In August I got a new kitten, Henry.  He didn’t take to Gracie though and had to be rehomed.  He went to live with my friend John and a good half dozen other kitties.  Unfortunately, in October, he got out of the back garden and was found under a bush with a broken neck.  Poor little mite was always finding rooms too small.  He’s now somewhere playing with Lexie, who he would have adored, and who would have adored him.

We lost another pet this year too.   Mummy Cat.  Except that she didn’t die, she just got frustrated with all the noise here and decided she wanted to live somewhere else.  She adopted a little old lady a few doors down.  She’s happier there, but I still miss her.  If she’d been my cat, I would have freaked, but Mum doesn’t mind.

We started the year with five cats and two dogs, and as of now we have three cats and one dog.  I miss them all, and I’d fill the house with new pets, but mum won’t let me.

It wasn’t all death this year, although it was the thought of it that triggered a lot of the cool stuff.  I read a news article about a woman who was diagnosed with cancer, and proceeded to build a bucket list and start working through it, only to get hit by a bus two days later.  I desperately didn’t want that to happen to me, so I decided to start work on my bucket list there and then.

I narrowed it down from the hundred or so items that were originally on it, to just a few, and I started checking them off.  I went strawberry picking with some friends, Michael helped me chase a rainbow, Michaela and I tried miracle fruit, and…


For my birthday I took myself off to Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.  I had an absolutely epic time.  Despite falling over at the Grand Canyon and putting myself out of action for a few days of the trip, it was an amazing trip and I may or may not be planning a return trip this year.  You can read all about my trip in multiple posts on here from October.

My depression fluctuated quite a bit this year.  I had a very bad month in November, and various off days throughout the year.  But overall I feel I have a better handle on it.

Another big change this year is my obsession with tabletop games.  Wil Wheaton does this YouTube show called Tabletop, in which he plays board games with various celebrities, and it has done wonders for the gaming industry.  Including my own collection, which started out at about seven (Monopoly, Scrabble, etc) and now has over a hundred games of various nerdiness levels.  I can’t get enough of them!  I just wish I had more friends to play with.

In December my friends Kat and Chris rented a cottage for their wedding reception and most of the weekend was spent playing games with various other gaming nerds.  It was a brilliant weekend, I just wish I lived a little closer to them.

I discovered a new craft this year too… the wonderful Zentangling I blogged about recently.  Expect many more blogs about that.

So yeah, despite a disturbing amount of loss, it was a pretty decent year 🙂  I am hoping for a few improvements for 2014, but there’ll be a whole separate blog post about that tomorrow.


About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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