Vegas – the random observations

– I got accosted by a Time Share seller on my way out of a shopping centre.  He spent five minutes working his spiel before he got told off by his boss because I was a single woman.

– Observe this amusing advert for a lawyer that I saw about ten million times:

– I saw a car with a Mario sticker in the rear window, as well as a fireflower and one of those missiles.  It was very funky, but I was going past on a bus and didn’t have a chance to take a photo.

– Whilst sat in the South Strip Terminal waiting for my Megabus to LA, I saw a bus pull up and a guy in a Spiderman t-shirt get off.  Disembarking from the same bus, but seemingly unassociated with Spiderman, there was a guy with a Superman t-shirt and a guy with a Batman t-shirt.

– In the Miracle Mile shopping centre the security/customer service people travel around on a segway.

– Also at South Strip Terminal waiting for the Megabus, there was a guy sat in the lobby, who pulled tables around to suit his satisfaction, then proceeded to plug in a computer, a modem, a printer, and a scanner.  Then he sat there for two hours and got on with work.  And I’m talking about a full desktop computer, not a laptop.

– Have another funky advert:

– On the way to LA I saw a road sign labelled “Ghost Town Road”

– The one time I got a McDonalds, the milkshake came with cream and a cherry.

– You know how we get pop up Christmas stores?  They have Halloween ones in America.  Lots of them!

– There was a children’s hospital called Mattel, which made me giggle, because isn’t Mattel a toy company?

– I got to travel on Route 66.  Not the entire length on the back of a Harley, but some of it, on a tour bus.  Apparently Santa Monica Blvd is technically part of Route 66.

– Some of the Los Angeles cops also ride around on segways.

– And another funny advert – well, not so much funny as damn sexy:

– Amusing shop names: Positive Eye Ons (an optometrist), Skinpeccable (laser services), Healtheeeeee U (health store), Taste of Corea

– Not very imaginative shop names: Vanessa’s Shoes, Pepe’s Sports, Maggie’s Beauty Salon, John’s Liquor.

– I encountered the worst public toilets in the world ever.  The door had a 25c slot, and it’d open if you put the money in – even if someone was in there.  I opened the door on someone, then three different people opened the door on me.

– My last day, I had an overnight coach booked back to the airport and had to check out of the hotel at 11am.  I’d planned on checking my bags into the left luggage place at Union Station.  Except that it turned out it was for Amtrak customers only.  Luckily for me, the nice lady took pity on me and took my bags in anyway 🙂

– Another wonderful example of customer service happened back in Vegas on the last morning.  I was spending the last of my monies in CVS (mostly a pharmacy, but sell a bit of everything).  They have a lot of really good offers, if you’re a clubcard holder.  So I approached the desk and asked the lady how I’d go about getting a clubcard.  She explained that it’s done through the post, then you need to enter your phone number to use the card.  Then offered to let me use hers, so I could get the discounted price.  Which meant I got three times as much jerky!

– Another customer service plus: all the Delta gate staff at the airports.  They were all very good about getting me a seat without anyone sat next to me.  And on the last flight, they even let me board with the old people and families, for my comfort.  They were very nice.

– And my favourite bus driver in the world was a guy in Vegas who was singing.  In Vegas they have loud speakers on the buses, mostly so they can yell at the people boarding to not get on the wrong doors.  This particular driver would sing at the approaching people, funny little rhyming ditties.  It was amusing.

– There are certain things you HAVE to do in Vegas:  gamble, drink, see a show, watch the Bellagio fountains, go to a buffet, see an Elvis.  I managed to do all of those apart from the buffet.

– Overheard in Vegas: “I’m sober now, so I can gamble.”

– After seeing Absinthe at Caesars Palace, I was waiting in the queue for a taxi, and there was a little boy walking by with his family.  This kid would have been about 4.  And he spotted one of the many Italian-style statues on display.  With its penis out.  The kid laughed so hard.  And had most of the taxi queue laughing as well.  His parents weren’t laughing so much.

– I read a lot about people being groped and offended and insulted by the patdowns by TSA agents at the airport.  I got patted down by a VERY sexy young lady, and wasn’t offended in the slightest.  But I’m a pervert.

– There was a lady on a bus in Vegas who was talking to her friend on the phone.  Quite loudly.  About selling her prescription drugs.  And illegal drugs.  And what she did with the money.  I really, REALLY, wanted there to be an off duty cop on the bus.


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