Random Observations 2

– The gaming group I went to in Chineham is still excellent.  I spent last Saturday evening there, and even though I only won 1 of the 4 games I played, I still had a great time 🙂

– when my neighbours start banging around inexplicably and making my bedroom shake, I feel a very strong urge to take a baseball bat to the wall in return.  If only I had a baseball bat.

– A quote from a character on Call the Midwife: “Don’t let your misfortunes find a home.”  I like that.  I might stitch it.  If I do, I’ll show you all.

– I worked out when my 1000th post will be, since I’m releasing a blog a day and I’m already in the 900s.  I’m preparing something special!

– I am ridiculously susceptible to suggestion.  I spend half an hour looking up words about BBQs for a word search list for work, and am faced with such language as “brisket” and “marinade” and “smoked” and “sirloin”.  Now I want BBQ.

– Google really doesn’t know the difference between The Walking Dead and Evil Dead


– I have some insanely vivid dreams.  At least three times this week I’ve had epic, movie-worthy dreams.  They were particularly disturbing.  I managed to write down enough notes for two of them that hopefully I can get a short story out of them.  But even for the best story fodder, I’d rather have no dreams.  Or at least, not remember them.  I don’t like waking up feeling crappy.

– everyone has been making a lot of fuss about the sudden reappearance of the sun.  Here is my opinion on that:


– I saw this picture of Princes William and Harry that had been Tumblr’d and it made me giggle quite a bit, so I thought I’d share:

2014-02-27 08.41.53


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A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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