Random Observations

– After another session at my gaming group where I played two new games and neither won nor lost either of them, I have learned some things.

A) Caverna is an incredible in depth but brilliant game

2014-03-08 19.06.51

B) Whatever the rules say, having the most rubies makes you (aka me) the winner đŸ™‚

2014-03-08 21.45.21 2014-03-08 21.52.42

C) If a game is ridiculously expensive (£80), you can talk yourself out of not buying it by reminding yourself that you’re in a gaming group with several people who own copies.

– I’ve been rewatching all the Top Gears.  I love those dudes.  “Power!”

– I may have made another visit to Paperchase.  Got a new scrapbook, and lots of little colourful cards:

2014-03-11 15.00.52

Bad Pun Dog is hilarious and adorable.

tumblr_n1b3j87rrc1qewacoo1_500 tumblr_n1b3j87rrc1qewacoo2_500 tumblr_n1b3j87rrc1qewacoo3_500


About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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