Evacuate Earth – Episode 2

So, remember that show I semi-live-blogged?  The one about evacuating earth?  It turns out the rest of series is not about evacuating the planet, but about general huge disasters.

The second episode was about nanotechnology.  It suggested that with the advances in nanotech, one day a disgruntled ex-employee might take some of it, change it and release it.  The specific tech that this ex-employee changed was one that ate spilled oil, and he changed it so that it ate all organic matter.

The show started with a clip of a guy being sprayed with a hose and getting eaten away in seconds.   Not pretty.

And because nanotech self-replicates, it ended up being these giant globs of black goo that are killing people all over the place. It was hard not to laugh at this point.  It just looks so funny:


And newsreporters saying “the blobs are extremely dangerous” is amusing.

But these blobs are VERY scary.  21 days after release 80,000 people are dead.

The show points out that we aren’t prepared for the benefits of nanotech, let alone the horrors.  Should we just not continue with it?  No.  There are so many benefits – fixing cellular issues inside a human without leaving scars and so many other brilliant benefits.  And ANY technology will be misused.

So how do we fight it?  Blowing them up just spreads the nanotech.  So they take another piece of nanotech that the army was conveniently working on, give it a stupid name and release it.  And The Eradicator (see, stupid name), goes around and eats the bad nanotech.

But what happens when we lose control of the cure?


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A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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