Zentangle Challenges

Challenge 53 is another Bentangle – this time a beautiful heart mandala

2014-03-19 17.22.18

Challenge 54 is to use type of paper you wouldn’t normally use, so I tangled on this piece of wrapping paper.

2014-03-19 17.20.49

Challenges 55, 56 and 57 are three Inchies: feather, rope and heart.

2014-03-23 15.49.332014-03-23 15.49.252014-03-23 15.49.18

Challenge 58 is another Bentangle:

2014-03-24 00.38.16

Challenge 59 is the 160th Diva Challenge – to use a spiral string.  The string I used was #085 from tanglepatterns.com

2014-03-25 14.17.27

Challenge 60 is It’s A String Thing #33.  Using this string from tanglepatterns.com, as designed by Jadie Wright.


The extra challenge was to use tangles beginning with letters in Jadie’s name.  The blog suggested Japan Diamond, Diva Dance, W2 and Tagh, but I don’t particularly like any of those.  So I went with Jalousie, Antidots, Demi, Inapod and Eye.

2014-03-25 16.32.01

Challenge 61 is the fifth Tackle It Tuesday – using tangles that begin with E.  I picked the string first, which may have been a mistake because I struggled to find enough tangles to fill it.  In here you have….Eke, Eyetest, Euca, Eez, Encke, Ebb, Escalator, Equerre, Emingle, Eye, Efilys, Ennies, Eyehook, Echo, Elzee and Echoism.

2014-03-25 20.39.28

Challenge 62 is one from the ATC Ravelry group I joined.  This is from the back catalogue of themes.  Seeing Stars (December 2009)

2014-03-25 21.01.31


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A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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3 Responses to Zentangle Challenges

  1. lmb838 says:

    Wow so many tangles, I usually only manage 1 perhaps 2 a week. I really like the bentangle (challenge 58), it’s so neat and reminds me of some heavy curtains hanging in a stately home 🙂

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