Tabletop Day

“Tabletop” is the YouTube show on the Geek & Sundry channel is responsible for a lot!

Originally I watched it cos it was Wil Wheaton, and I’ve had a lifelong thing for Wil Wheaton.  But then it spawned a new hobby.  For tabletop games.  An expensive hobby, but a wonderful one nonetheless.

Last year was the first official International Tabletop Day, and I spent it in Stoke-on-Trent with my good friends Kat and Chris, and some other friends.  Where I played lots of games, brought lots of candy at my favourite sweet shop that we don’t have down here, and spent far too much money on games in a local game store that I didn’t even know existed when I lived there.

This year Tabletop Day is actually April 5th, but despite my attempts, I can’t gather a group of friends together to spend the day playing games with me.  Conveniently though, one week prior (aka yesterday), my new gaming group had an extended session.  Whereas normally we have the room from 6pm, yesterday we were there from 3pm.

Eight whole hours of games!

I started off with Firefly: The Board Game.

2014-03-29 15.19.04

We had the maximum amount of players, and this proved to be a bit of an issue.  Of the five of us, only one had ever played it before.  It took an hour to set up all the bits and to explain how to play.  After that the turns took a while.  It’s very hard to get anywhere and do anything in one turn.  It took a VERY long time to play.

After two hours we decided we’d finish the game at Goal 1 instead of Goal 3.  And then it took another hour for that to happen.

I’m not giving up on the game though.  It’s a good game, with a brilliant theme obviously!  I managed to play Serenity.

2014-03-29 15.19.08

And the artwork is brilliant.

2014-03-29 16.01.08 2014-03-29 16.36.00 2014-03-29 17.49.56

At the next session I’m going to play a two-player game with a friend.  Hopefully it’ll be lots more fun that way.

Next up was a quick two-player game of Agricola:

2014-03-29 18.46.47

I learned from this game that having the best farm… complete with LOTS of grain, and all the animals… does not mean that you win.

2014-03-29 19.05.47

I lost by three points because my opponent had upgraded his farm from the simple wooden hut that I have, into a clay house, and then into a stone mansion.

After that there was Star Fluxx..

2014-03-29 19.29.33 2014-03-29 19.41.25

… which I love, but no one seems to find as amusing as I do.

Then Tsuro of the Seas.

2014-03-29 20.18.01

This is the follow up game to Tsuro, which I adore.  But the Sea version is a) not quite as pretty and b) not improved by the dragons.  I much prefer the original.

I got to play a game off my List Of Games To Try after that.  7 Wonders.

2014-03-29 21.01.34

It was brilliant!  Look at the magnificent might of my army!

2014-03-29 21.26.03

Turns out that having a huge army wasn’t that great in the long run.  But it was a brilliant game and I loved it.  It has officially been moved to my List Of Games To Buy.  Although knowing someone who has it means it isn’t high on the list.  We played it again, and I tried a different strategy, which only got me a couple of extra points.  So I guess it depends on what cards are available when you play.

It’s nice and short, and relatively easy to play.  Not sure I could convince my family to play it though.

The night finished off with two games of BANG! The Dice Game.

2014-03-29 22.24.59 2014-03-29 22.27.45 2014-03-29 22.42.53 2014-03-29 22.43.20

Which is also fun and quick and has been added to my wishlist, although it works best with a minimum of four players so I’m not sure if I’d ever be able to play it outside of the group.

So, eight games in eight hours isn’t too shabby.  And think how many more I could have played if we hadn’t done Firefly.  I did learn an important lesson though – to wear longer skirts to gaming sessions.  The chairs have given the back of my thighs a rash :-s



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3 Responses to Tabletop Day

  1. doodlepatterns says:

    That’s an impressive looking final farm for Agricola! What was your score? :o)
    I really want to play Firefly but Chris isn’t very interested in the theme… Graham has it though so hopeful we might get to play it at some point… although that sounds very slow!
    7 Wonders is on my to play list too! You’re getting to play lots of games I want to play! :o)

    • I think my Agricola score was 45 points. My opponent was only 3 points ahead.

      I highly suspect Firefly will be a lot quicker and more satisfying in a two-player game. I shall let you know in a couple of weeks.

      7 Wonders is brilliant!

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