Zentangle Challenges

Challenge 67 was to use a pinwheel as your string.


Challenge 68 is another Bentangle.  Behold, my zebra-squirrel:

2014-04-07 12.32.51

Challenge 69 is one from the Zendala Dare archive, #52:

2014-04-07 12.31.19

Challenge 70 was this week’s Inchie: Gold

2014-04-07 13.09.49

Challenge 71 is an archive Inchie: Bag

2014-04-07 13.16.29

Challenge 72 is an archive Inchie: steps

2014-04-07 13.25.47

Challenge 73 is another archive Inchie: Fire

2014-04-07 13.38.25

Challenge 74 is another archive Inchies: Silver

2014-04-07 13.31.51

Challenge 75 is the 161st Diva challenge.  It’s to use your initials as a string.  Now, I’ve done this before, sort of.  Challenge #6 was to draw your initials overlapping and use that as your string.


This time counts as a different challenge, because I drew them in a slightly abstract way.

2014-04-08 13.33.55

And this is what happened (it’s portrait instead of landscape because that’s what the gap in my scrapbook was):

2014-04-08 14.36.09

Challenge 76 is It’s A String Thing #35.  It uses string #47 from Tanglepatterns.com, and tangles beginning with C.  I used Cadent, Chard, Charlie, Chocobox, Cubine and Cyme.

2014-04-08 15.17.07

Challenge 77 is the next Tackle It Tuesday piece – tangles beginning with G.  In here is: Geos, Golven, Grass Border, Gigi, Geer Four, Gewurtz and Gingham

2014-04-04 23.28.06

Challenge 78 is to create a monotangle, so I made this one with various types of Antidots.

2014-04-08 16.23.37



About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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9 Responses to Zentangle Challenges

  1. Looks like you’ve been busy!!! Beautiful work on them all!! :0) Share Humanity

  2. Zoe Brener says:

    Love the artwork and the catching up on various challenges just because they are fun!

  3. Freebird7100 says:

    Love all the zentangles, love the zebra squirrel. Great inchies as well. cant wait to see more.

  4. Lisette says:

    Fabulous work. Love your gold inchie and the stairs one is incredible.

  5. Annemarie says:

    Like Annette sais, you have been busy. Did you also do the Challenge of this week?

  6. Wendy K says:

    Great zens and inchie.

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