Zentangle Challenges

Challenge 126 is one I collected before Christmas, which was to make an entire Zentangle with grid-based tangles. Which I did, and which regular blog readers will have seen on my 1000th post.


Challenge 127 is It’s A String Thing #39, which uses tanglepatterns.com string #036 and tangles that begin with M.  I did this one first….

2014-05-12 16.38.24

It has Miasma, Msst, Munchkin, Meer and Mountains.  But I wasn’t entirely pleased with it.  I liked the Miasma though, so I had another go and made this one:

2014-05-12 17.09.03

A monotangle of Miasma, that I like much much more 🙂

Challenge 128 is last week’s It’s A String Thing #40, which uses tanglepatterns.com string #043 and tangles that begin with Be.  Mine includes Beadlines, Beau and some oddly sized Belted.


Challenge 129 is Mojo #57: Smokestack, Unme, Swirly Dots and Bowties


Challenge 130 is last week’s Wacky challenge – to tangle your country’s flag.

2014-05-12 16.00.49

2014-05-18 00.00.29

Challenge 131 is the next Tackle It Tuesday challenge – to use tangles beginning with M.  In mine there is Moving Day, Maelstrom, Msst and Migracurl.

2014-05-18 02.15.18

Challenge 132 is this week’s Wacky challenge (18th May): to create a bookmark to give away.  In order to get the card the right size I cut an A6 postcard in half, so I made two!

2014-05-20 18.31.29 2014-05-20 18.47.01

Challenge 133 is an archived Mojo.  #7: Cds, Filmz, Blox and Trisket

2014-05-20 18.17.59

Challenge 134 is another archived Mojo.  #8: Loops, Dekore, Warped Eggs and Spearls.

2014-05-20 20.18.51

Challenge 135 is another archived Mojo.  #9: Intwine, Tresser, Spandex and Squares.

2014-05-20 19.52.53

Challenge 136 is yet another archived Mojo.  #10: Angelfish, Zoose, Clydescope and Pladzy.

2014-05-20 19.18.50

Challenge 137 is this week’s Made By Joey challenge (#9) – to use Queen’s Crown to celebrate Victoria Day in Canada.

2014-05-20 17.30.15

Challenge 138 is this week’s It’s a String Thing (#41) – using tanglepatterns.com string 026 and tangles that begin with R.  I’ve used Ragz, Rixty, Reticulated, Raindotty, River and Rose.

2014-05-20 16.54.10


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