Zentangle Challenges

Challenge 139 is Mojo #29: Scrawlz, Girdy, Frake and Msst.


Challenge 140 is a belated Valentine’s challenge – to use a tangle that begins with L, one that begins with O, one that begins with V and one that begins with E.  I used Lauren, Opus, Vice Versa Dots and Equerre.

2014-05-27 09.52.14

Challenge 141 is an early Thanksgiving challenge – to use a tangle that begins with P, one that begins with I and one that begins with E.  I used Pia, Ilana and Euca.

2014-05-28 15.26.04

Challenge 142 is a Summer challenge in the same vein – to use a tangle that begins with H, one that begins with E, one that begins with A and one that begins with T.  I used Hollibaugh, Euca, Atorm and Tortuca.

2014-05-23 00.18.30

Challenge 143 is Mojo #58: Worms, Diagonals, DNA Chips and Camelia.

2014-05-23 00.18.17

Challenge 144 is It’s A String Thing 42 – to use Tanglepatterns.com string 038 and to make a monotangle of Knightsbridge.

2014-05-28 15.24.47

Challenge 145 is the next Tackle It Tuesday – to use tangles beginning with N.  I used Nipa, Navaho and Nightnday.

2014-05-28 15.25.17

Challenge 146 is Mojo #59: Lattash, Turbine, Fern and Buddea.

2014-05-28 15.25.48

Challenge 147 is to create a paper snowflake and to use that as your string.  Here’s my snowflake:

2014-05-20 21.21.22 2014-05-20 21.21.59

Here’s the string it made:

2014-05-20 21.20.56

And here’s my completed tangle:

2014-05-28 15.26.37

About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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1 Response to Zentangle Challenges

  1. I’ve enjoyed mooching through your blog – I look forward to seeing how your KAL squares turn out. I joined a CAL square group on Ravelry, and now am realising that I’ll have to join them all at some point.
    If you’d like another zen-challenge, how about doing one wrong-handed? I’ll try if you will!

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