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52 Blanket Patches – 26-35

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A Thought Experiment for Gamers

Someone on the subreddit /r/boardgames posited the theory that you can only have 12 games.  You’re allowed up to two expansions for each game.  You’re allowed to buy new games, but if you do you have to lose one from … Continue reading

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Flash Friday Competition

On one of my semi-regular searches for flash fiction competitions I came upon a website called Flash Friday.  Every Friday (funnily enough) they post a picture prompt, and writers are invited to submit a piece between 140-160 words before midnight … Continue reading

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Random Observations

– This is me, most of the time. – Some funny text conversations that are making the rounds online – A Twitter response that is just genius – I will never be able to unsee this now

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Nerdy Crafts

I just finished a highly nerdy piece of cross stitch: Isn’t it cool.  It needs an iron, and then framing, but I’m pretty proud of it.  Of course, it isn’t the only nerdy cross stitch I’ve ever done: And I … Continue reading

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Zentangle Challenges

Challenge 166 is one from the Bright Owl Zendala Dare archive, #21: Challenge 167 is It’s A String Thing #45, using string #108 and tangles that start with D.  I used Dex, Dutch Hourglass, Dooleedoos, Droplets and Diagonals. Challenge … Continue reading

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Disney Addict

The other day my mother finally got around to watching Frozen.  I was sat on the sofa and I could hear it but not see it.  But I’ve seen it enough times that I could close my eyes and see … Continue reading

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Genius Crochet

One of my fellow students at Hogwarts on Ravelry submitted something for class that just made me giggle so much I had to ask her for the pattern. Here’s my version: I’m going to make a few more and use … Continue reading

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Chronic Illness Bingo

I saw this posted on Facebook the other day: Unfortunately a lot of these things are things I hear all the time.  I don’t have a physical disease like fibromyalgia or IBS, but depression is chronic.  And hearing things like … Continue reading

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Chocolate Fountain Done Right

I saw this on a cute animals blog, and thought it was so brilliant it needed a blog post all of it’s very own:

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