HPKCHC Career Fair

So you know that extremely nerdy roleplay stitching thing I do on Ravelry?  The Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup?  I have a whole page about it linked up at the top there.

Well, August is a break month, which means no classes and no homework.  But because we’re all vaguely obsessive and slightly insane, there are always activities of some description going on.  This month, we’re having a Career Fair.  There is a Networking activity – where one must team up with a student from another House to do an activity together.  There are Field Studies in different careers – where one must craft based on career-themed prompts.  And there is Interview Skills 101 – which involves answering the following questionnaire:

What is your name? (Ravelry name or wizarding name please)

Switchcleo on Ravelry.  My other nom de plume is Celeena Cree.

What is your ideal wizarding job?

I’m not entirely sure.  Which is why I’m at a career fair!

What Hogwarts House are you in?

Slytherin through and through!  In the Mamba Snake nest.

What makes your House unique and special to you?

I love being a Slytherin.  We are cunning and clever, slightly mad with a mere hint of evil.

How do you think that prepares you for a career in (answer to question #2)?

Well, it’ll help me beat out my competition.  I won’t say how 🙂

How many quaffles would it take to fill the Great Hall?

One, if you use the Engorgio charm.

What extra curricular activities or clubs did you participate in at Hogwarts?

I played Quidditch for a term or two.  I did participate in the Triwizard Tournament.  I performed Order missions and the Headmistress’s Challenge, and I received the Order of the Serpent 1st Class.

If you looked in the Mirror of Erised, what would you see? 

Myself with a tall handsome wizard and a variety of strange creatures.

Have you ever been convicted of a wizarding crime?

Not convicted, no.

Have you ever cast an Unforgiveable curse?

Of course not, I’m not that evil!

What memory do you think of when you cast a Patronus charm?

My first day at Hogwarts.

Tell me about a time that something tried to kill you at Hogwarts, and how you overcame it.

It was actually Hagrid.  I’d been helping him move several baskets of unknown eggs and I dropped one.  He was NOT happy.  I overcame it by running very very fast and keeping out of his way for a few months.

What is your greatest strength? Greatest weakness?

My greatest strength is my cleverness.  My greatest weakness is also my cleverness.  I’m a bit of a smarta**.

What question would you ask on a wizarding job interview?

I’d ask about whether or not I was covered for treatment at St Mungo’s.  I can be a wee bit clumsy.

Tell me about a time that you tried to cast a spell and it did not work as you anticipated. What was the unexpected result vs the intended and how did you resolve it?

It was way back when I was a 1st year.  I’d intended to light a fire, and had somehow blocked the chimney.  I managed to fill the entire dungeon with smoke.  I resolved it by leaving immediately and blaming someone else.

What kind of pet did you take to Hogwarts, and why?

I took a little black cat.  She was a gift from my father.

Headmistress Secrettrail lent you a Time Turner and you accidentally broke it during Quidditch practice. Explain why you needed the Time Turner, and how you dealt with the aftereffects of breaking it.

I used the Time Turner to get more Quidditch practice in, since I’m not actually very good at it.  After I broke it, I repaired it cosmetically and gave it back to the Headmistress, mentioning nothing at all about damaging it.

What question(s) would you ask a wizard job applicant?

What is your sense of humour like?



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