Thoughts on Depression

With the recent tragic death of Robin Williams by suicide, there has been a lot of talk about depression floating around the internet.  From the idiot newscaster that called him a coward, to the insensitive bastards that have attacked his poor daughter on her social media sites there has been a lot of bad.  But I prefer to focus on the good.

Depression is being talked about.  Awareness is being enhanced.  And that can be nothing but good.









This next one is from a conversation on Reddit where someone asked if people thought Robin Williams was a coward for committing suicide.


A Postsecret from 17th August 2014 (the second image is the reverse of the postcard).

2014-08-16 22.47.24

2014-08-16 22.44.42

This one is from an article on pointing out that Robin Williams did not die from suicide.

2014-08-16 04.18.51


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