Follow Friday – I Am The Diva

On alternate Fridays I’m going to write about a website that I love, and why I love it, and other general rave review-ness.

My first Follow Friday goes to the Diva.  I Am the Diva is the website of Laura Harms, a Certified Zentangle Teacher.  It was the first Zentangle challenge website I found way back in December.

Laura suffers from depression, is a stay at home mom in Canada with two small children, one who is disabled, and she still finds time to post a Zentangle challenge for us all every week.


Her challenges are always a little bit different, and once a month she does a UMT challenge too.  UMT stands for Use My Tangle and people can submit the tangles they’ve designed for use in this challenge.  For a UMT challenge, Laura picks one of the tangles that have been submitted and people partaking in the challenge have to use that tangle.

I went through the archives of her challenges and did quite a bit of them to catch up.  She’s up to 182 challenges now, which is quite an achievement for a weekly event.

For proof of how popular she is, just look at how many people completed this challenge:



So many they wouldn’t all appear on one screenshot!

That’s one of the things I like about the Zentangle challenge websites – they all have a linky option so that you can share your work, and look at all the other work that people have done.  It’s great for inspiration 🙂

And of course, as well as running a successful Zentangle challenge, Laura is a talented artist too.




If you’re new to Zentangle, or have been doing it for years, I recommend you go and visit the Diva.  Her challenges vary from colour inspiration, to shapes, to directions for your string, to duotangles and monotangles.  There’s a lot of varity, so even if you don’t particularly like one challenge, just come back next week!  Challenges go up on Mondays.

PS> She’s also a nerd.  Her online names for her boys are Chewie and Artoo!


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