Loom Bands

Obviously, I have noticed the craze of Loom Bands.  It’s hard not to.  Even if my friend hadn’t gotten into it, even if I wasn’t seeing it all over the internet, packs of the bands were becoming available everywhere.  And I mean everywhere – you could buy them in the corner store, in the chemist, in the supermarket.  It was hard to avoid.

A few months ago I was in one of my favourite stores, The Works, and I saw that they had a kit on sale for £1.99.  It contained a solid base loom, a hook, some clips and some bands.  Kinda like this:


Not the official Rainbow Loom, but enough to have a go and see if I liked it.  So I picked it up.  And of course, being me, I was hooked.  (Pun unintended).

I invested in some bands from eBay, and I looked into pattern tutorials on YouTube and I found myself making a few pieces.

10523754_10152943157649688_7533839447910263329_o10505138_10152942626584688_2217899823485355792_o10446263_10152965049684688_9220021923079630040_o2014-07-13 14.01.412014-07-12 13.19.18

But soon enough I found a problem.  If you look at the image of the solid base piece like the one I bought, and then look at this picture of the official Rainbow Loom…


… you’ll see many differences.  Firstly, it’s a lot harder to grab the bands with a hook with the solid base getting in the way.  Secondly, the solid base is shorter and doesn’t have as many pillars.  Thirdly, on the actual looms you can take out the bars and align them either parallel or zigzaggy, letting you do different types of patterns.

Being a cheapskate, I purchased a loom from eBay from one of the many many pop up brands that have appeared.  Rainbow Rubber Loom.  Colourful Loom.  Loom Band Kits.  Twistz Bandz.  You get the idea.  What was important to me at the time was having a loom that I could use like the official one.

I was wrong.  When the loom arrived I was really excited and got started right away.  The first thing that was wrong with it happened within minutes of opening the pack.  I tried to remove the middle bar and it snapped in three places.  Not good.  Luckily, the bases that you attach them to held it together enough to work on.

But then, while I was attaching the bands I discovered the second bad thing.  Sharp edges on the pins.  There are little lips at the top of the pins, to stop bands slipping off, and on knock-off brands, you can sometimes come across very sharp edges there.  I did.  I was having bands cut when I placed them, and I even cut my finger.

I was quite frustrated so I threw it.  I didn’t throw it very far, but it shattered into hundreds of little pieces.  Way too brittle.

So I didn’t do any looming for a while, out of stroppiness mostly.  But then I started using my solid base again.

Around this time, my good friend Katherine was on holiday with her husband in America.  While she was there she used a post office box they have to order some of the official bands from the website, and since they have beautiful metallic ones I asked her nicely if she could order a few packs for me, and I’d sort the money out when she got home.  Because she’s lovely, she agreed.

A few days after that I decided that the cost was probably worth it, and asked her to pick me up the official Rainbow Loom while she was in America too.  Which she did.

Unfortunately there then came a delay.  Once they got back to England Kat and her husband found themselves very very busy (they usually do) and didn’t get round to unpacking for a long time, let alone getting my bits wrapped to send to me.

But the lovely goodness arrived last week!

A proper loom!

A metal hook!

Proper shiny bands!

I was very pleased, and spent a good few hours that night sat looming with my youngest sister, and teaching her how to do it.  I also started two quite complicated patterns from YouTube videos.

I finished those bracelets yesterday.  First up is a Double Capped Dragon Scale bracelet:

2014-09-13 17.32.16

The purple in there are the metallic bands.

And the second one is a Dragon Fishtail bracelet:

2014-09-13 17.32.02

Rainbows!!  I love rainbows!

So yeah.  I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned loom bands before on this blog, but you can expect more 🙂


About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/doodler/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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2 Responses to Loom Bands

  1. bmlilith says:

    Lovely bracelets. I am almost tempted to try this by self, but I will yield not to temptation.

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