WIP Wednesday

Following along with a growing trend on craft blogs, I’m now going to be writing posts on alternate Wednesdays talking about my crafting Works In Progress.

(Pre-emptive apology for the photo quality today)

On the last WIP Wednesday, I started off by showing you my giant owl.  Here’s where he is at the moment.

2014-10-01 02.15.07

Still a long way to go.  He’s gonna be so cute.

I’ve also been working on a dress for my baby niece for Christmas, but you can’t really see much of it at the moment:

2014-10-01 02.13.02

Last time I also mentioned that I was still making patches.  Definitely doing that.  I’ve done loads.  I have enough bright coloured patches for my rainbow quilt.  I’ve laid them out:

2014-09-28 19.36.16

With Smudge’s help…

2014-09-28 19.47.36

And I’m in the process of sewing that up.  I can’t wait to show you how it turns out.  And I’m making good progress on my monochrome version too.

I’ve decided, because I’m insane, that I want to finish at least three of my current WIP blankets before new year.  The rainbow one, the monochrome one and the Tunisian patch one I sewed up in April.  I really do need to finish some.  Especially since I’ve started a few more.

For someone who doesn’t like to be warm, I have a real thing for blankets at the moment.  I have 8 quilts on the go at the moment.  The rainbow one, the monochrome and the Tunisian one.  Also the epic mini squares one I sewed up in April, a rainbow star quilt, a green ripple blanket for a premie…

2014-10-01 01.34.12

…one made of sock yarn!  Which is a little insane and might well take several years, but will look fantastic when it’s done…


…and the Scrappy Scrap Lap Quilt which is another long-term piece I’m adding all my leftover bits of yarn to.


If we’re being technical about it there are actually 10 blankets on the go.  I started a massive granny square in blue several years ago for my best friend, which I called the Blue Beast.  I didn’t get very far into it before I moved and it’s remained in storage, so that one is in stasis for now.  And then I’m also semi-collecting knitted dishcloths with images to make into a quilt one day too.

Yeah, I like making blankets.



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