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On alternate Fridays I’m going to write about a website that I love, and why I love it, and other general rave review-ness.

This week I want to write about  I’m not sure how I found Dooce, or how long I’ve been reading it, but it’s been pretty much forever.

Dooce is actually a lady called Heather B. Armstrong, and she’s a “mommy blogger”.  She writes about her charity work, about her kids, about her depression, and just about life in general.


(Her regular “Stuff I Found While Looking Around” post inspired my “Random Observations” posts.)

There are many reasons why I love reading Dooce’s blog.  Firstly, she has depression.  Badly.  She once spent some time in an institution.  She writes candidly about what she feels and how she deals with it, and it means a lot to me to see that other people struggle as well.  It means a lot to see that it is possible to survive it and still have a life.

Secondly, her kids.  She has two adorable little girls.  I started reading her blog after Leta (now 10) was born, but naturally I read the archives.  So I feel like I was there with her during her marriage, and her pregnancy, and her post-partum depression, and another pregnancy (Marlo, now 5), and then her divorce.

I (along with all of Dooce’s other followers) have watched that family grow.  We’ve seen pregnancy pictures and heard of the sickness and struggles.  We’ve read the uber-detailed (that woman has no shame) labor stories.  We’ve watch the girls grow from adorable little babies into cute talented young girls.  I look forward to seeing them blossom even more.

And the third reason are the dogs.  Dooce has two dogs.  Chuck (the tan one), and Coco (the Australian Shepherd).


Both names are actually abbreviations.  Their full names are Former Congressman Chuckles and Dame Eleanor Ritzford-Fitzsimons Puffs.  I’ve seen them since they were puppies too, and watched their personalities develop.

I love this family, I love reading this blog, and I recommend you all do too.



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