1 Year Ago Today

From my list of blog ideas comes “What you wrote a year ago.”   And I’m going to take it a step further.

First up, the post from this very blog 1 year ago today.  This is very exciting.  I was in VEGAS!!  It’s also a little depressing, because I’m not in Vegas right now.  But there you go.

Here is that post.  With mentions of hangovers (which will happen to you a lot in Vegas – there is a lot of cheap/free alcohol there), shows, food and shopping.  There are also pictures.  A very ripped young man, lots of food, my good friends Kat and Chris, my very cleavage-enhancing swim suit, and more alcohol.

*Sigh*  That was a REALLY good trip.  I can’t wait to go back.  I have many many places I want to visit, so I don’t really do repeat trips (aside from New York City), but there was so much I didn’t get to do that Vegas gets at least one more visit.  If/when I ever have money ever again.

Now, to take this one step further.  I’m also including information from the Timehop app.  Do you know about Timehop?  It’s a very simple and clever app – available on iOS and Android – that shows you what you did on social media in that specific day in the past.  Not just a year ago, but right back.

2014-09-28 01.35.27

The little dinosaur in that picture is the mascot Abe.  He’s very cute.  He appears at the bottom of your page too.

2014-09-28 01.36.17

Plus, if you pull the screen up you get to see his cute little boxer shorts.  So adorkable.

2014-09-28 01.36.21

Anyway, here’s what Timehop says for me today:

2014-10-11 10.14.32

I was at the Ren Fair.  That was really a very very cool day.  Not literally.  Literally it was very very hot and I ended up with mild sunstroke.  But it was a good day.  There was an issue with my ankle (not the first of the trip as it turned out), but aside from that it was great.

Lots of people watching.  So many brilliant costumes.  I really wish I’d taken more pictures.  And I kind of costume-d myself too.  I wore the TARDIS skirt that I made myself.

2013-10-05 10.36.13

One of the highlights of my day was when I turned a corner around a tent and someone spotted my skirt and squealed: “Oh my god!  She’s wearing a TARDIS!”  It was brilliant that it was recognised.

I spent a fair amount of money that day, but I don’t regret a penny of it.  And ate a lot of delicious food.

I also spent a lot of time sat down just watching.  When you’re sun stroked and worried about your ankle, you like to sit.  And I like to people watch.  One of my favourite bits from my series of blogs about my trip was a paragraph of notes I scribbled in my notebook that day.  A nice bit of spontaneous poetry:

Corsets and bustle skirts and boobs and men in kilts. People with tails and furry ears. Steampunk and pirates and fairies and exotic belly dancers. Vikings and jesters and a half hearted Spider-Man. Old dudes in costumes and teeny tiny babies in costumes. Robin Hood. Link. A steampunk wheelchair. Witches and wizards and what the hell is thats. Furries, a pirate boat train, another half hearted superhero. Giant swords, little swords, staffs and shields, bows and arrows. Pewter tankards, wooden tankards, empty tankards, sloshing tankards. $100 drool worthy notebooks. Wasps. Lots of wasps. Dragon hide and dragon teeth and dragon bubbles. Henna and headdresses, and handcrafted everything. Guilds and demos and shows and reenactments that I missed because I didn’t pick up a programme on the way in. Galileo!! Topless men, practically topless women. A TARDIS TANKARD. Leather skirts and corsets and books and bags and cuffs and tiaras. Cloaks and capes and wings and giant wings, and more ruddy wasps.

*Sigh*  I really wish I could have afforded my second Vegas trip this year.  Maybe next year.

You can read my blog posts about the Ren Fair here, and here.

(Note: the first blog for the Ren Fair was also written exactly a year ago today, but I chose to write about the first post in order to create variation in this post.)


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