When Dice Meet Doodles

In my recent Follow Friday blog post, I talked about Pinterest and I mentioned one particular board that has had me captivated recently.

Well among the hundreds of images I saved from the thousands of tangles available on that website, I found this one:

NOTE: The image I’d found was actually from a website that was selling the kit, so it’s been removed.  But you can find the kit here.

The idea really appealed to me.  Being a gamer and all, I have a very large collection of dices (the term is actually “die” but I prefer “dices”).  So I grabbed a dice, a pen and paper and I got to rolling.

This is what I ended up with:

2014-10-23 17.08.48

I quite liked the randomness of it.  So I’ve done a few more since then.

2014-10-23 17.08.35

2014-10-23 17.08.24

2014-10-26 12.56.22

2014-10-26 13.05.31

It’s not necessarily a new idea for Zentangle.  If you were to buy the Zentangle Kit from the official Zentangle website…

… (this is on my wishlist, if anyone feels like treating me)…

… you’d find inside a legend with twenty different tangles on and an icosahedron (otherwise known as a twenty sided dice, or a D20).

The idea being, of course, to help you randomise the patterns that you use.

I do like this idea, but I have many many more than 20 patterns to choose from.  I’m in the process of changing how I file them, but once I’ve sorted that and figured out exactly how many I have, I may construct a method that involves a D10 or 3, or something along those lines.

I’ll let you know when I come up with something.


About Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.
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